Norske Tog orders new long-distance trains

by Anja
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Feb 22, 2023 3:55:48 PM

#NordicNews on train traffic and Norway

Norway's new long-distance trains come from Stadler

Norske Tog has announced that Stadler has been awarded the contract for 17 long-distance trains. The contract includes options so that up to 100 new trains can be purchased from Stadler.

The new long-distance trains are to be delivered in 2027. Norske Tog expects the new trains to take the passenger experience, comfort and quality to a whole new level.

Production of the new rolling stock will start in 2024, and the first new train sets will be delivered for test runs in Norway from 2025. The new trains will be used on the Bergen Line from 2026 and will replace the old trains, which have reached their technical service life.


FLIRTNEX by Stadler offers seats that can be adjusted on both sides, flexible sleeping compartments, a bistro, family areas and plenty of space for luggage. These are just some of the facilities that passengers can look forward to in the future. The new trains will be more flexible in terms of space, comfort and different types of use.

The new long-distance trains will reach a maximum speed of 200 km/h. Each train set will consist of 8 coaches with a total capacity of up to 542 seats.

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