No entry to Finland via Sweden

Jul 16, 2020 1:18:14 PM

Finland does not allow entry from Sweden

Since the beginning of this week (13.07.), Finland welcomes again leisure travelers from a number of European countries. For example, the Netherlands and Belgium also belong to those countries from which tourists are allowed to enter without border control and self-isolation on arrival in Finland.

However it is important to note that border controls still take place at the Swedish-Finnish border. Hereby nationality of the traveler does not matter, which means that it is not yet possible to enter Finland from Sweden. That also includes the transit through the country. The situation is due to the continuing high corona infection rate in Sweden.

The Finnish government has announced that the situation will be reassessed every two weeks. At the moment there is no opening of the Finnish-Swedish border in sight, but for the time being, entry restrictions will remain in place until 11 August. Anyone planning a holiday in Finland is strongly advised to check the current situation before departure. Up-to-date information is available, for example at the Finnish government website and

Travel advisory for Dutch and Belgium tourist

The website and the Belgium Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs also provide travel advisory for holidays abroad. 

Entry by plane or ferry

An entry to Finland from the Netherlands and Belgium is of course still possible. Finnair flies regularly again from Amsterdam and Brussels to Helsinki. With a connecting flight, rental car or train you can get on from there. With Finnlines you can also travel from Travemünde directly to Helsinki and take your own car or camper with you.

Another option is traveling through the Baltic countries and take the ferry from Tallinn, for example. The route Tallinn - Helsinki is served by both Viking Line and Tallink Silja.

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