Holland Norway Lines changes port

by Anja
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Mar 28, 2023 1:11:19 PM

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Holland Norway Lines is moving from Eemshaven to Cuxhaven / Emden

Holland Norway Lines is relocating its sailings to Germany. The sailing schedule for spring and summer is guaranteed. From April 17 to May 31st temporary departure port will be Cuxhaven. As from June 1st HNL will depart from the new permanent port in Emden.

Due to recent challenges in Eemshaven, Holland Norway Lines has been working intensively to find alternative ports that provide regularity and predictability for travelers to Norway. 

Before Holland Norway Lines starts sailing from Cuxhaven, there might be still a risk for cancellations. HNL is working hard to find alternatives and will keep passengers and other parties informed of any development to the schedule for the coming few weeks.

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