Hiking on Lapplandsleden in northern Sweden

by Anna
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Aug 11, 2021 3:48:51 PM

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New hiking trail in Västerbotten

In autumn, a new hiking trail dedicates in Västerbotten in northern Sweden. The 190 km long hiking trail carries the name Lapplandsleden and runs between Hemavan and Borgafjäll. In the north it has a direct connection to Swedens famous King's Trail (Kungsleden).

The Lapplandsleden is a further development of the national trail network in the fell region. There are four overnight cabins on the new route - but a tent is still required for certain sections of the trail. Three additional shelter huts can be used for recreation during the hike and are only intended to be used as overnight accommodation in case of emergency.

Advanced hikers can start in Abisko, in Swedish Lapland, on the Kungsleden (Swedish source) and end in Borgafjäll, 590 km away in the Västerbotten region, at the end of the Lapplandsleden.

Further information on new Lapplandsleden (Swedish source)

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