Glamping over the rooftops of Gothenburg

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Jul 22, 2021 2:12:20 PM

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Glamping experience on the rooftop terrace 

The quality hotel The Weaver in Mölndal takes glamping to the next level. On the hotel's rooftop terrace, guests can experience the best of nature and city at the same time while "city glamping''. 

The hotel offers a luxury tent for the special overnight stay with a comfortable hotel bed, comfy linen sheets and all the hotel services. Guests also have access to a private shower room, 24-hour service, a fitness area and a breakfast buffet. The bar and hotel restaurant are just a short lift ride away. Alternatively, food can be brought in to be enjoyed on the terrace while soaking in the great view.

More information about the new glamping experience in Mölndal (Swedish source). 

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