By direct train from Oslo to Trondheim

by Anja
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May 8, 2023 7:36:11 AM

#NordicNews on train traffic and Norway

Rørosbanen reconnects Oslo and Trondheim

26 years ago, the last direct train from Oslo to Trondheim ran via Rørosbanen. From 02 May to 01 September this year, SJ Nord will operate the route again and if there is sufficient demand, it will remain.

The direct train leaves Trondheim at 05:37 in the morning and arrives in Oslo with a stop in Røros at 13:02. The return journey departs Oslo at 14:17, arriving in Trondheim at 22:27.

On the section between Hamar and Støren, which is not electrified, Stadler Rail's bimodal Flirt train runs on diesel or battery power.

More on the connection of SJ Nord.

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