Bodø becomes European Capital of Culture 2024

by Anja
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Mar 9, 2023 9:48:14 AM

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Bodø in Norway unveils program highlights for year as European Capital of Culture

Bodø in Norway will be the first city north of the Arctic Circle to become the European Capital of Culture next year. More than 600 events are planned throughout the Nordland region, almost 100 of which were presented at the first Bodø2024 program launch.

Among the many highlights are, for example, a festival that is 100% sustainable, a Midsummer Eve fireworks display, a Sami theatre trilogy, a freedom festival, a historical journey along the Nordland Railway, a concert in a sunken cave, a 10-metre-high sculpture on the sea, an opera about stockfish, a pop-up Sámi museum and Arctic food roadshows and festivals.

The year will open on 03 February 2024 with a brilliant production in the inner harbour.

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