Product development 

In product development, it is important to understand the market needs and how a tourism service product is built and described to be competitive for the target markets.

Product development workshops 

The aim of NordicMarketing's product development workshop is to evolve companies' skills to operate in the international and especially Central European markets (DACH, Benelux). Moreover it is a goal to promote the emergence of practical product and marketing cooperation between companies.

Our Service

  • we identify the needs of your destination and partner companies
  • we share our tourism know-how about DACH and Benelux markets
  • we provide detailed online product cards which fulfill the requirements of tour operators in the target markets 
  • we help you and your partner companies analyzing their tourism products and services to prepare a selection for the target markets
  • we identify key products of your destination and help you specifying a common image 
  • we recognize potential for local collaboration and encourage it between different suppliers 

Your Benefits 

  • you gain a deeper understanding of the tourism business and tour operators' needs in the DACH and Benelux markets
  • you recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your destination and identify opportunities and threats that you are facing and may use to your advantage 
  • your partner companies learn how to improve their product descriptions based on our high standard online product cards in order to hone it for the target markets
  • your partner companies learn how to price a tourism product for B2B business in order to be competitive and how service products are distributed in the target markets
  •  you identify your competitive position and specify your common destination image that can be used for communication in marketing
  • you strengthen the internal network and local collaboration in the region

Realisation product development workshops

The basis for the product development workshop is a discussion with you (as the client) to identify the needs of the area and the local partner companies on site. The workshop itself is then conducted on 1 or 2 day(s). It is expected that participants are well prepared by bringing own laptops, product and price information and picture material. The workshop consists of different sections (theory) and related individual, small group works which deal with the following topics: 

  • market trends
  • customer needs and consumer behavior
  • distribution channels, the role of tour operators in DACH and Benelux
  • market-driven product development
  • pricing in export trade
  • international marketing


The workshop can also easily be combined with company-specific consulting or coaching, e.g. 30 minutes per company. An online questionnaire is sent to the participating companies as a preparatory groundwork, in which the background information about the company's offering, services, experience and know-how is clarified, as well as the company's wishes and questions that are discussed at the company-specific meeting.


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