Newsletter for Tour Operators

Our German Newsletter reaches more than 1.000 tour operators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


1.900 €
Tour operators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Included:
  • 1 Newsletter
  • Products on our website: 1-4
  • suited for companies


7.500 €
Tour operators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Included:
  • 6 Newsletters
  • Products on our website: 6-24
  • suited for DMOs and smaller Tourism projects


12.000 €
Tour operators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Included:
  • 12 Newsletters
  • Products on our website: 12-48
  • suited for Tourism projects

The Newsletter

You want to reach over 1.000 tour operators on the DACH market who offer travel products with Scandinavia as a travel destination? You want to create new contacts and establish your company / your products in Germany and Switzerland?

Our German newsletter is addressed to relevant tour operators in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH market). Depending on the selected target group the newsletter reaches up to 1.000 tour operators. The newsletter contains teasers, pictures and links to content on our website. The website offers continuously updated products and news for tour operators and tourism professionals including pictures, facts, maps, company and destination profiles, contact data, links and social media.

Our Service

  • We consult you in sending the right information for creating the newsletter
  • We translate your Swedish or English material into German
  • We use your content to create your own profile page and make your contact and product / news information visible on our website (for further information see FAQs)
  • We take care of layouting and setting up the newsletter
  • We host your content for a minimum of 12 month on our website
  • We send the newsletter to about 1.000 tour operators (mailing lists according to GDPR policy)
  • We publish the newsletter content on our social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • We provide you with a basic PDF report including open and click rates

Your Benefits

  • You get the chance to reach a substantial number of relevant tour operators on the DACH-market with your products
  • You can choose which taget group to address due to our targeted mailing options (based on the products sold by tour operators), such as hiking, kayaking, cycling, husky, sledding, etc.
  • You can profit from many interested readers who follow us for many years.
  • You get your material translated into German language.
  • You can schedule the mailing after your needs.
  • Your company / your products will be visible on our website with your contact details and a profile page with detailed descriptions of your products on listed product pages according to the number of chosen products and newsletters
You will receive information about the number of newsletter recipients, statistics about clicks and open rates through our report-service.


Exclusive Newsletter

The Exclusive newsletter only contain information about your own travel products, offers and novelties, including stimulating images and long descriptions of products and/ or offers.


You can place a maximum of 4 products/news in one newsletter. A product means a whole own website (linked to a separately created profile page) with e.g. a detailed travel package, translated into German.
Find en example for such a product here »

  • Exclusive Starter (1 Newsletter, 1-4 products/news in total)
  • Exclusive Basic (3 Newsletter, 3-12 products/news in total)
  • Exclusive Pro (6 Newsletter, 6-24 products/news in total)
  • Exclusive Premium (12 Newsletter, 12-48 products/news in total)

Your visibility on the NordicMarketing website:

  • Your contact information will appear on Nordic Marketing contact page, which helps tour operators to find relevant contacts for certain regions and services.
  • In all exclusive newsletter services a profile page is included where all your products / news are listed. Another possibility is to make your products visible on the destination page of the region in which you are active. We always find a tailor-made solution according to your wishes.
Find an example for the Exclusive Newsletter here »


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