Product Development

You will learn more about product development - and we always keep a close eye on your customers' needs. 


  • Common 1-day workshop for entrepreneurs from a destination
  • Learning about German and Swiss distribution channels, product development, optimizing products for German-speaking markets
  • Trainer: Jan Badur, managing director, NordicMarketing GmbH 

Realisation of trainings

  • We go through:
    • Tourism business, distribution channels and tour operators in Germany and Switzerland
    • Actual product examples and target groups from the market
    • Destination SWOT
    • Product development, pricing, packaging
    • Online product forms
    • Key products of the regions
  • Teamwork: analysing tourism products and services preparing a product selection for the German market
  • Optional: Business Consulting, customer-based product development, optimizing products for German tour operators, time slots per company to talk with NordicMarketing.

Contact us

Jan Badur
Managing Director

NordicMarketing GmbH
+49 234 54 66 05 55