Virtual FAM trip

The Virtual FAM trip is a webinar in which a region or company presents its activities and services to international tour operators via video.

Virtual FAM trip

A virtual FAM-trip is a cost-effective sales tool, as potential sellers can use videos to present what their region has to offer. We arrange a virtual tour for selected tour operators to your destination so that they can explore the services and activities in your area via video. At the same time, you also get valuable feedback from the international market to support your own product development.

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For whom the virtual FAM trip is intended

The virtual FAM trip is intended for tourism destinations, regions and companies who want to get into the production of tour operators and thereby increase their sales. The virtual FAM trip is ideal as a follow-up to our #NordicMeetings with tour operators.


  • We organize a virtual FAM trip of the selected destinations / companies  for potential tour operators.
  • Number of participants: 8-10 tour operators.
  • The virtual FAM trip consists of pre-recorded videos as well as live discussion.
  • We provide you and your partners with instructions for content preparations and assist with video material cuttings.
  • We take care of selecting suitable tour operators, sending invitations, contacting tour operators and assisting in the creation of the program.
  • We provide tour operators with all materials, virtual FAM trip recordings, online brochures, presentations, contact information, price lists, etc.
  • After the event, we will send an online survey to the tour operators, in which we will map the feedback of the participating tour operators and their intention to launch new products.


  • We collect the authentic videos made by the companies themselves with mobile phones, which we cut and edit into ready-to-watch modules.
  • During the virtual FAM trip, tour operators watch the videos, after which they chat directly with the service providers via video.
  • We use an easy and secure webinar program that does not require you to download a software or an application to your own computer - you just need a link to access the virtual meeting room.
  • Each presentation will be recorded and will be available as a video that can be viewed again later online (not in public distribution). The tour operator can also share videos with own team as educational material.
  • We instruct companies before implementing the program, test video and audio connections, and pre-load the presentation materials into the virtual meeting room.
  • Our team moderates all sessions and supports service providers during their presentations. We also moderate discussion, questions and comments during and after the sessions.


A virtual tour does not require travel and is therefore also an environmentally friendly solution


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