The Edible Coutry - Skeppsholmen in Arjeplog

Jun 24, 2019 1:02:28 PM

The Edible Country - A country becomes a restaurant

This summer, Sweden is turning into a million-hectare gourmet restaurant. Throughout the country there are several places for culinary experiences in the middle of the beautiful Swedish countryside. The experience begins with the collection of fresh, healthy ingredients and ends with a self-prepared menu - created by four Swedish star chefs - in the open air.

One of these outdoor restaurants - also the northernmost - is located on the small island of Skeppsholmen in the Arjeplog region of Swedish Lapland.

The island of Skeppsholmen becomes a restaurant

This bookable table is located on an islet in Hornavan, Sweden’s deepest lake, near the Arjeplogmarina. It shares the islet with a group of traditional Sámi kåtor–tipis, and is overlooking the arctic mountain world.

Hotel Hornavan Skeppsholmen

Midnight sun dinner

This dinner is made with naturally occurring ingredients. Fresh fish, plants and berries from the surrounding nature. The experience starts with foraging and gathering the ingredients for yourdinner togetherwith your guide, after which they cook them for you. And don’t worry, they haveextra ingredients prepared in case they fish doesn’t bite.

Itinerary suggestion

5-7 pm: Small excursion to forage for edible plants and fishing in the waters around Skeppsholmen. Fishing gear is included.
7pm: Dinner is cooked on an open fire near the table by your guide and cook. The group are welcome to participate and learn about the food and how it is traditionally cooked in SwedishLapland.

The Edible Country-Skeppsholmen


Main course

Arctic char from Hornavan with nettle sauce and other edible plants. Served withGahkku bread which is baked together with the guests over an open fire.


Crystal clear water from Hornavan flavoured with plants and berries.

After dinner

Coffee, traditionally boiled over open fire, alternatively tea.

The Edible Country-Skeppsholmen-Dinner

Product information: The Edible Country

  • Season: Every Friday, June 14th - August 30th 2019
  • Duration: Approximately 4h for the complete activity. Picking plants and fishing takes approx. 2h and takes place on and around Skeppsholmen, so there is no hiking or long walks involved.
  • Participants: 4-12 people. Note that more than one small group may be seated together.
  • Services included: English speaking guide to help with fishing, foraging and cooking. Food and non-alcoholic beverage at a beautifully set table.
  • Accessibility: Accessible by car, up until the bridge that connects the marina area with Skeppsholmen. The bridge is wide enough for wheelchairs. The last few meters to the table is a path with natural occurrence of roots and rocks, so we recommend that wheel-borne guests have someone assisting them along the way. The foraging activity is adaptable, so that you follow a walkway and a smaller road in the area to look at plants and try fishing from a jetty.
  • Toilets: There is a privy at Skeppsholmen. A toilet for the disabled can be found at the hotel in the marina, close to Skeppsholmen.
  • Clothes: We recommend clothes adapted to the weather, along with comfortable walking shoes.
  • Alternative in case of rain on fire restrictions: There is a large kåta–tipi–close to the table, which can be used in case of heavy rain or fire restrictions due to dry weather.

Accommodation Option

The nearest accommodation is Hotel Hornavan, which is right next to Skeppsholmen. There are also other hotels and cabins in the area, such as Hotel Lyktan, Simloc hotel and Kraja Hotel and cabins. 

Hotel Hornavan

At Hornavan Hotel you will find relaxation in the nature. Experience the fantastic view over the lake from one of our 83 rooms. Treat yourself with a visit to our spa. Relax in our sauna or take a dip in one of our Jacuzzis, both with the gorgeous view of Lake Hornavan, Sweden’s deepest lake. The hotel was founded in 2009 and extended with a fresh third floor about 5 years ago. The parking spaces are free for guests to use. There are also power poles for car heaters available.

Hotel Hornavan_copyright Selim Hjorthall



Hotel Hornavan  
Emelie Samuelsson
Västra Skeppsholmen 3
930 90 Arjeplog 
Tel. +46 (0) 961 777 100

Provider: Hotel Hornavan

Hotel Hornavan, situated on the lake of the same name, offers accommodation in hotel rooms and suites in the immediate vicinity of the city centre of Arjeplog. More about the Hotel Hornavan

Destination: Arjeplog

Located on the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland, the area around Arjeplog is a mountainous archipelago with almost 9,000 lakes. The inhabitants of Arjeplog are friendly, cordial people who like to show their visitors their arctic way of life during outdoor activities in a beautiful, quiet landscape. In Arjeplog, for example, you can go fishing, hunting, hiking or motor sports on snow and ice.

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