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Apr 23, 2019 5:27:53 PM


Taikaloora is a family-owned Finnish company, which offers accommodations in idyllic lakeside cottages and in Bed & Breakfast rooms. In addition to this as a quest of Taikaloora you can experience different kind of nature activities typical for Finland like fishing, hiking, nordic skiing etc.


Taikaloora offers accommodation in idyllic lakeside cottages and in Bed & Breakfast rooms. 
Type & number of accommodation: 2 cottages (starting from June 2019), 2 B&B rooms

Taikaloora accommodation


The first cottage is built 2016 and it is situated just beside the Lake Oulujärvi, which is Finland’s fourth biggest lake. There is room for max. 4 + 2 (kids) people to sleep.  Both the small kitchen and the bathroom are functionally equipped. The cosy fire place is one of the cottage's highlights. The use of the wood-heated lake view sauna is included in the rental price and without doubt a must-do.


New cottage available in summer 2019

Another brand new cottage (max.6 persons) will be ready for customers at the beginning of June 2019. Two bicycles and a rowing boat for free. Lakeview sauna is also included in the price.

Spectacular sauna with lake view

This sauna is something you have to experience! When you are relaxing in the sauna, you have an amazing view over the Lake Oulujärvi. You can see 23 kilometers of water in front of you with beautiful islands. This sauna is built in a traditional Finnish style and it is powered by wood, of course. Just jump into the water for cooling yourself and then back to the warmth of this amazing sauna. And the same again and again... You’ll love it.

Sauna with lake view


Summer: Fishing, hiking, swimming, berry picking, mushroom picking

Winter: Nordic skiing, ice fishing, snow shoeing, snow scootering


Product information: Taikaloora

  • Founded in: 2016
  • Season: all year
  • Languages: English, German, Swedish
  • Spa & Wellness: 2 lake view saunas
  • Note: Own beach and pier, next supermarket 1km, two bicycles and a rowing boat for free, lake view sauna is also included in the price.

Contact: Taikaloora

Terho Jylhälehto
Haminatie 4
91700 Vaala, Finland
Tel. +358 50 587 0814

Destination: Rokua

Experience Finland’s stunning natural landscape at its best in the world’s northernmost UNESCO Global Geopark. Shaped by the Ice Age, the spectacular scenery of Rokua Geopark opens up endless opportunities to explore and enjoy.
Rokua Geopark comprises three different landscape areas: the Oulujoki River Valley, Lake Oulujärvi and the Rokua Eskers and Dune area. Together they form an unbroken area covering over 1,300 m2. 

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