Summer activities under the arctic lights by the Lyngen Fjord

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Activities under the arctic lights by the Lyngen Fjord

The Lyngen Alps in Northern Norway are still an insider tip in Norway - steep mountains rise directly from the fjord and are home to many glaciers, lovely valleys, waterfalls, rivers and lakes.

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Join us for a week-long adventure to experience the highlights of this region – usually on foot, but on request also by boat on the fjord. The main highlight will be the Midnight Sun or Northern Light at no additional cost!

Lyngenfjord - Bergblick

Travel program, 1 week

Day 1, Friday: Arrival at Tromsø
You will be picked up by bus at Tromsø Airport for a scenic 90-minute transfer to Lyngen. This trip includes a ferry crossing over the Ullsfjord to the mighty Lyngen Alps. Your accommodation is an idyllic rorbu (fishermen’s cottage) on the water’s edge at the end of northern part of the Lyngen Alps.
After checking in, a hot dinner will be served in the café with magnificent views of the fjord and out towards the open sea.

Days 2 - 6, Saturday – Wednesday: Tours in the Lyngen Alps
You start your daily program after the breakfast (four tours included). Your tours will introduce you to different areas of the Lyngen Alps. You will travel by car to the other side of the Lyngen Alps or start your tour from the house on foot. The hikes last around six hours and are selected based on the weather conditions and group composition. Following some examples of possible excursions:

  • Hike to Blåvatn (Blue Lake):
    • This hike takes you to the heart of the Lyngen Alps, to a lake directly fed by glacial water, which gives the incredible blue colour. This hike takes approx. 5 hours.
  • Visit a glacier:
    • There are more than 140 glaciers in the Lyngenfjord and you visit one of them. After a 6 km hike through a narrow valley, you will reach the Steindal glacier. This glacier is initially very shallow and slightly hard to enter. Everyone can walk on the glacier. You will also take a short detour to the steeper part of the glacier using rope, crampons and ice axes.

Lyngenfjord - Gletscher

  • Climb a peak in the Lyngen Alps:
    • Most of the mountains in the chain are over 1,000 m high and you will always start climbing from the sea level. There are no marked trails, but you will be joined by a guide who will lead the way. A manageable peak is Russelfjell (800 m above sea level), which offers magnificent panoramic views of the Lyngen Alps, the fjords Lyngenfjord and Ullsfjord and out to the open sea.
  • Boat Trip:
    • This six-hour boat trip takes you along the coast in areas that are hard to by car or on foot. You can spot porpoises, seals, eagles and many other animals. You will also have a chance to see if the fish are biting. Usual catches include cod, salmon and coalfish. If you catch a fish, you can take it back and perhaps it will be served for dinner at the camp.
  • Lyngen Reker:
    • Visiting the local shrimp factory is one of the highlights of the trip. You can watch how they peel the shrimps then try yourself before sampling a few.

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Each evening, you will be served a delicious dinner featuring traditional dishes based on fresh local ingredients. You can also relax in the sauna and jacuzzi.  

Note: No tours will be arranged on one of the days. You can simply relax or choose to go fishing, visit a shrimp factory (Lyngen Reker) or go on a boat trip on the fjord.

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Midnight Sun trip: The sun does not drop below the horizon during the bright summer nights. Throughout the night, the sun will provide enchanting lights on the horizon. You can go on a walk under the Midnight Sun or just enjoy the nature’s colour play. At the travel dates in august, the sun will set already for a while. However, it will not be dark during night time.

Northern Lights trip: You don’t have to like coldness and deep winter to see Northern Lights – this magical natural phenomenon shows up when the evening gets little darker. You can also enjoy the magical view while soaking in the jacuzzi. Can you imagine a more exciting evening activity?

Day 7 - Thursday: Departure
After six fascinating days in the Lyngen Alps, it’s time to say goodbye.
After the breakfast, you will travel by bus to Tromsø Airport for your flight home.

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Accommodation: XLyngen

The accommodation XLyngen has five waterfront rorbu (fishermen’s cottages). Each cottage has three bedrooms, lounge, kitchen and private bathroom. There is also direct access to the balcony.
The food is served in the café in the main building. There is a shared sauna and an outdoor jacuzzi, which guests may use for a fee.
The accommodation is run by a local family, so you can experience the genuine Northern Norwegian hospitality from pick-up in Tromsø through to guided tours, food and accommodation.

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Product information: Summer activities under the arctic lights by the Lyngen Fjord, 1 week

  • Travel season: Arrival Friday; Departure day Thursday
    • Midnight Sun tour: 17. – 23. Juli 2020
    • Northern Lights tour: 04.09.  – 10.09.2020, 11.09. – 17.09.2020
  • Participants: 2 - 12 pax
  • Requirements: The hikes described are examples and take approx. 4 - 6 hours (6 - 15 km) each. The terrain in Northern Norway can be impassable and a high level of safety is necessary. A guide will join you on all the organised hikes and assist you when necessary. It is also possible to climb one of the many mountains in Lyngen Alps. There is no standard programme for the guided hikes, as they are carefully chosen based on the prevailing weather conditions and the fitness level/experience of the guests.
  • Services (incl.):
    •  transfers Tromsø Airport – Lyngen Alps
    • 6 nights in waterfront accommodation near the Lyngen Alps
    • Full board (packed lunches will be made during breakfast to take on the excursions)
    • Four guided hikes
  • Meals: You will be served traditional Norwegian food based on locally produced ingredients. Most of the main courses are fish from the fjord, reindeer or lamb from the Lyngen Alps. Vegetarian meals are available on request.


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Provider: Visit Lyngenfjord

Visit Lyngenfjord is a destination company and incoming agency for the Lyngenfjord region in northern Norway. In 2017, the region was officially recognized as a "Sustainable Travel Region" and we are committed to these values. More about Visit Lyngenfjord»»»

Destination: Lyngenfjord Region

The Lyngenfjord region is located in the north of Norway and lies quite exactly between the towns of Tromsø in the southwest, Alta in the north and Finland in the east.

The area consists of the islands around Skjervøy, the majestic Lyngen Alps, the large valleys and wide rivers in the east as well as the Reisa National Park and the Finnmarksvidda towards Finland. The region is quite unknown and offers many spectacular nature experiences and impressive cultural offerings that are hardly known and little visited.

The culture of the region is characterized by the "meeting of the three tribes". Kven, Sami and Norwegians have lived and worked side by side around the Lyngenfjord for generations. This has influenced the language, traditions and cultural heritage of the region.

More about the Lyngenfjord region »»

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