Snow Track Week at the Arctic Circle between Sweden and Finland

Aug 13, 2020 3:21:51 PM

Adventurous winter week at the Arctic Circle

An exciting week in the magical winter region at the Arctic Circle between Sweden and Finland. This package offers everything that is typical for Lapland. Transfer, overnight stay, full board, all activities and lots of experiences.

Day 1 - Arrival and welcome

Arrival day and transfer to NORRSKEN LODGE. Check-in, welcome drink, and greeting by the hosts by the fire. Introducing the program. The daily morning mail is ready on your table at breakfast and informs you about the program, weather forecasts, evening menu, and northern lights forecast. Pick up of winter overalls, shoes, hats, gloves. Then a 3-course dinner in our restaurant. The evening ends with the fire in the traditional Sami lounge from 1720. The first northern lights may already appear.

Day 2 – Snow-shoe tour and visit of Särkilax - church

Breakfast buffet until 09:30 and get ready for the snowshoe tour. The guided tour in German, English, French or Swedish takes us across the river to the island of Happakyllä. As soon as we reach the birch forest, we keep an eye out for moose tracks. Who knows, with a little luck we will meet the real King of Sweden. A fire warms us up and coffee and lingonberry juice are a must. Then we visit the Särkilax church, which has a very long history since 1480. After returning (2h) there is a fine soup in our Sami lounge. The afternoon is free. Three courses are served in the restaurant for dinner. Then we end the day in the Sami lounge by the fire.

Day 3 – Snow walk and optional Snow-Scooter-Tour

Breakfast - buffet, then we change for a tour outside. A walk in the snow-covered forests lets your soul dangle. The peace and quiet will seduce you. Optionally, you can book a speedy snow scooter tour for 3 or 5 hours. During the briefing, you will learn everything you need to know. A short test session will help you get used to the snow scooter. The drive takes us over frozen lakes, through snow-covered forests and up to the fells. During the break, we make a fire and enjoy a warming coffee or lingonberry juice. After the return journey, there is a warm soup in our Sami lounge. Optionally, we also recommend a visit to the Arctic Moose Farm. The afternoon is free. Three courses are served in the restaurant for dinner. Then we end the day in the Sami lounge by the fire.

Norrsken Lodge-Hundeschittentour

Day 4 – Relax and Sauna, any optional activity

Breakfast - buffet, afterward the motto of the day is “balm for the soul”. Tomorrow's walk through the snowy nature lets you relax. After lunch, the Moomin tower sauna is heated up and the Saavi (hot tub) is warmed to 38 degrees. The ice hole is cleared and invites you to take a refreshing swim. If you like, you can also book a soothing massage for an extra charge. Optionally, another activity can be booked. Three courses are served in the restaurant for dinner. When the northern lights show up, you are welcome to come on a night scooter tour (2h) to the northern lights. The light spectacle can be observed particularly well on the fells. (optional)

Day 5 – Visit the husky camp with sled tour

Breakfast - buffet. A highlight, the Siberian Huskies, meet a real racing team. The visit to the husky farm is very impressive. You get to know all dogs and are allowed to ask any questions that you always wanted to have answered. How do you plan a real racing team? How much do the dogs eat? Do they even sleep during a day-long race? Afterward, there is a ride on the sled of approx. 45 hours with a real racing team with 10-12 dogs. The tour starts fast! Back at the camp, the dogs can be cuddled and praised for their performance. Coffee and a snack await you on the fireplace to warm up after the tour. Back on the NORRSKEN LODGE you will find a soup in the Sami-lounge. Three courses are served in the restaurant for dinner. Then we go to Finland for night sledding together. A small ski area with illuminated slopes is only 10 minutes away from the NORRSKEN LODGE. The equipment will be made available and is included.

Day 6 – Sami – culture and reindeer farm

Breakfast buffet. This day is dedicated to the indigenous people of the arctic tundra, the Sami. This traditional people, who followed the reindeer herds for a few decades, have a lot to tell. We head north and stop at the Kattilakoski rapids. We tell you about the border river Torne, the history and the Tornedal. Then we drive to the Arctic Circle, where a joint jump over the line of the solstice should not be missing. About 20 minutes later we arrive at the reindeer farm. The farmer tells us everything about these cozy animals. We are allowed to go into the fence and the magical forest, meet the reindeer and also feed and pet them. We warm up in the grill kåta and drink fine coffee and warm lingonberry juice. Then we stop at Roger. He is a master at refining reindeer meat. In a short film, we learn everything about breeding and butchery. Its smoked products had won many awards. Back at the NORRSKEN LODGE, there is a warm soup in the Sami lounge. The afternoon is free and can be spent on optional activities. 3-course dinner in the restaurant and end the day by the fire in the Sami lounge.

Day 7 – Finland Aavasaksavaara and Kåsa

Breakfast buffet. We change the country and go to Finland. Avasaksavaara, a mountain in Finland just after the border, 10' from here, has many stories to tell. The hunting lodge of the former Tsar of Russia, Romanov is still there. A lookout tower lets us wander into the distance. As an alternative, if the Finnish border is closed, we drive to the Luppioberget, which transforms the hill with its impressive rock formations into a special winter landscape. (1h)

At 4 p.m. we meet Mike, the Finnish seed, who shows us how to build his own wooden kåsa. A traditional Sami cup that simply belongs to it. This is a nice keepsake to take home. A Swiss surprise awaits you for dinner. Then we end the day in the Sami-Swiss-Lounge.

Day 8 – good by and Hej då

Breakfast - buffet. We say goodbye and thank you for a fantastic time. But we won't let you go empty-handed. A surprise is waiting for you. Transfer and Hej då!

Norrsken Lodge-.Rentier 2

Product information: Snow Track Week

  • Season: 20.12.2020 - 15.4.2021, 20.12.2021 - 15.4.2022
  • Duration: 7 nights / 8 days
  • Languages: English, German, French, Swedish
  • Participants: 2 - 35 pax
  • Minimum age: we recommend a minimum age of 5 years
  • Starting point: NORRSKEN LODGE or meeting point at airport, train station or bus station
  • Services: Transfer from selected airport/train station, Overnight stay in double room or the cabins 'Riverside Cabins', full pension incl. outdoor – cooking at an open fire, surprise evening, drinks: Coffee, tea, water, lingon jus, apple jus, orange jus, all activities based on the program: Reindeer farm, husky camp with sled ride, snow-shoe, visit Särkilax church, sauna & hot-tub, build your own kåsa, night sledding, winter equipment (Warm winter cloth, winter boots, gloves, helmets)
  • Optional services: Single room, extra charge if only one person uses the snowmobile, additional drinks: soft drinks, all alcoholic beverages
  • Optional activities: Snow-Scooter-Tour (3h or 5h), Northern Light Snow-Scooter-Tour (2h), Northern light snow-shoe safari (1,5h), Icefishing (1h), ICE-Rally Drive (30 minutes), Photo-tour sunrise winter wonderland (2h), Photo Tour Northern light safari (2h), Visit to the local museum (1h), visit Santa-Claus in Rovaniemi (6h), Arcticum museum in Rovaniemi (5h), Excursion to the Snow Village in Kittilä (6h), Excursion to the moose park 'Arctic Moose Farm' (3h), Wellness treatments (sports massage and yoga possible if booked in advance)


Max & Yasmine Hensler
Matarengivägen 58
957 32 Övertorneå
Tel. +46 73 035 4155

Destination: Övertorneå

Norrsken Lodge is located in the Övertorneå destination in the historical Tornedalen region, in the border area between Sweden and Finland. The region is impressive with its nature, forest and the Torneälv River, which is one of the last unregulated rivers in Sweden. Finland can be reached in a few minutes.

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