Sand Dunes and Pine Forest - Hiking in Kalajoki

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Sand Dunes and Pine Forest - Hiking in Kalajoki, 6 days

Welcome to hike in Kalajoki in the Western Finland on the coast of the Northern Gulf of Bothnia. Kalajoki and the Hiekkasärkät Tourism area there are known about the sand dunes, sun and sea. The geographical forms and vegetation in the nature around the tourism area tells you interesting story of the land uplift, the rising of the land from the sea. During the daily hiking trips you will explore more the local nature and hear stories about the history of it. The nights you will spend comfortably in a country holiday accommodation in the rooms of a house in a traditional Ostrobothnian style. For the evenings the area offers many possibilities to spend good time. Most of the meals will be made and enjoyed in the nature, but there are several kinds of restaurants, too. Except the hiking the trip offers you excellent possibility to explore Nordic Walking, too.

Program: Timetable of the first and the last day depending on the flights or the train.

Beach with sand dunes

Day 1: Arrival

14.00h - Arrival to Kalajoki to the Hiekkasärkät Resort. Accommodation in a rustic atmosphere in a traditional Ostrobothnian style log house at the the Tapion Tupa (country holiday accommodation). 2-person rooms, own shower, toilet and TV in each room. Shared living room with hot plate and fridge. Hiekkasärkät (Sand Dunes) is in Finland well known for its large sunny beach. There is a lot of holiday apartments, spa, small hotels, restaurants etc. on the area.
18.00h - Sauna. Enjoy of the warmth of the Finish sauna (in a separate building) and take some relaxing time for next days.
20.00h - Dinner, traditional Finnish food

Day 2: Hiking on the beach

09.00 - 10.00h - Breakfast.
10.00 - 13.00h - Hiking on the beach (familiarizing with the area of the Hiekkasärkät resort and its services by a guided walking tour). During the guided tour along the wooden trails and other tracks you will hear some stories and history of the Hiekkasärkät area. And at the same time you become acquainted yourselves with the local tourism companies and their services. We also make a visit to the Kalajoki Visitor Centre.
13.00h - Lunch at the Tapion Tupa
14.30 - 17.00h - Nordic walking (choosing of suitable poles, guiding of the technics, warm up, Nordic walking along the trails, flexing) There is a walking park with several different routes around Hiekkasärkät. The Route network is 44 kilometers long and it passes through beautiful marine scenery, but we take only the best parts of it! Nordic Walking is easier than cross country skiing, but more effective than conventional walking!
In the evening: own program (see at the end).

Kalajoki Sand Dunes and Pine Forest hike beach

Day 3: Guided tour in the valley of Siiponjoki–stream

08.00 - 09.00h - Breakfast
9.30 - 15.00h - Guided tour in the valley of Siiponjoki–stream. Lunch in the nature. Siiponjoki (joki=river) is a small stream with a varying terrain. There you can find steep sand bluffs and groves of the canyons. In springtime (May-June) you can experience of the coming out of the spring, in summer (June-August) the greenness of the nature and in autumn (September-October) the nature richness of the colors on curving river valley, also berries and mushrooms. During the hiking you hear stories of the history of the river and the legendary local people who lived there. First we hike along paths in the woodland to the river and then some along the stream. In the nature we will have a tasty lunch and coffee or tea. The hiking tour is about 20 kilometers.

Kalajoki siiponjoki stream valley

Day 4: Hike to Vihasniemi

08.00 - 09.00h - Breakfast.
9.30 - 16.00h - Hiking tour to Vihasniemi, a part of it along the wooden trails. Varying terrain and scenery from the woods and the sand banks to the see. Lunch at a cabin (Lappish hut) by the camp fire. The hiking tour is about 18 kilometer. In Vihasniemi you can watch birds from a tower, see older sand dunes in the forest and younger closer to sea. There is a Lappish log-hut as a resting place in the route.

Day 5: Hiking in the woods

08.00 - 09.00h - Breakfast.
9.30 - 16.00h - “Tapion Tupa path” We take a day in the varying woodland. We hike in a dry peaty forest with lichen cover and pines, go over small swamps along wooden tracks and stop by log-fire places to have a break. In a camp place called Pleuna by the river we make the lunch in the nature by fire. The hiking tour is about 18 kilometer.

Campfire lunch

Day 6: Departure

08.00 - 09.00h - Breakfast
Own program (visit in the Kalajoki Centrum, in the Old centrum called Plassi, a boat trip to Maakalla Island, etc.). Departure.

Suggestions for the evening program

To do in the evenings: In the Tapion Tupa you can find a shop with handmade souvenirs and other local products. Tapioland, a combined water park with outdoor pools and sauna is situated just close to the accommodation. There is a rustic restaurant with local food, too. There is possibly to rent bicycle at the Tapion Tupa and take a ride for ex. to the centre of Kalajoki city (6 km) for shopping. Or you can make a visit to a pottery, or to an old river mill or just to bike around in the Hiekkasärkät area.
For those who are interested in golf there is a Golf course in the Hiekkasärkät area about 4 km from the Tapion Tupa. The Spa SaniFani is a splendid place to recover after a hiking day. In the Spa pool area you can enjoy the tropical heat in the bath's streaming river or in the whirlpools. There is a fitness pool for swimmers, massaging water-jets for relaxing and a water slide for everyone who is still a child at heart. There is also a gym and a 6-alley bowling hall.
Under the same roof you can find the Day Spa with massages, bath, aroma and special treatments (by request). For those who are enthusiastic for sauna, we offer possibility to bath in a traditional Finish smoke sauna and enjoy a dinner in a Lappish hut (by request).
Lohilaakso fishing activity centre is a good place to try your fishing luck and catch salmon. Then you can have the catch prepared for a good dinner (open May–August).
In the Marine Nature Centre you can see exhibitions about the nature, sand dunes and sea in the area (open Tue-Fre 9–16, Sat-Su 10–15). In the Activity Park Pakka you can climb and slide on the line built up in the trees. Of course you can just go to the beach and swim in the sea and see the sun setting down into the sea. It is possible to take a boat trip to outer sea to historical Maakalla Island, an old fisherman community that you can see in the horizon from the shore.
Dinners: In the Hiekkasärkät area you can find many different restaurants to have every evening a different kind of delicious dinner from steaks to fish.

Note: When coming to this tour, you should have your own outdoor gear with; comfortable shoes, also wind- and waterproof gear is recommendable. The weather conditions can chance a lot depending on the month and should be taken in consideration. More information from the product supplier.

Product information: Sand Dunes and Pine Forest

  • Season: on request, summer (and seasons without snow), dates 15.4.-15.11.
  • Participants: 2 - 10 pax.
  • Duration: 6 days/ 5 nights
  • Languages: English, German
  • Note: meals and accommodations included in the price

Contact: Kalajoki Booking Centre

Laura Kujala
Jukupolku 5, FIN-85100 Kalajoki
Tel. +358-8-4694 449

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Destination: Kalajoki 

Kalajoki with its long beach and sand dune area "Hiekkasärkät" is a compact holiday area in Northern Finland situated at the seaside of the Bothnian Bay, 1,5 h drive south of Oulu airport via Route 8. Kalajoki is ideal for guests who value pure and spectacular nature, are interested in traditions and history and appreciate also high-standard accommodation and services.

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