Salpalinjan Hovi in Saimaa region

Feb 19, 2021 12:47:56 PM

Salpalinjan Hovi family-run hotel 

Salpalinjan Hovi family-run hotel is located 9 kilometers from the Lappeenranta city center. It is surrounded by the rich and beautiful nature of South Karelia as well as historic sites.

At Salpalinjan Hovi you can relax in the nature or enjoy an active vacation canoeing and fishing at the nearby Lake Saimaa and Kymi -river water system, explore the nearby war and sawmill historical sites or make daytrips around Lappeenranta and South Karelia. Salpalinjan Hovi received its name from being located next to an important piece of war history, the Salpa Line (direct translation = Bolt-line). Very close to the hotel you can find underground bunkers built in the mid-20th century, which can be visited with a professional guide.


The hotel, a former a village school built from log, is now fully renovated and offers six modern apartment suites which have been furnished according to different school subjects. Each room has its own kitchen corner, bathroom and TV.

  • Number & type of apartments: Six apartments. Each room is equipped like an individual home and is suitable for a long stay.
    • Native languages: The room Native languages and literature has red as its main color. Red is the strongest color just like your native language is the most important language to you. The color red can be found throughout the furniture and textiles of the room. Different tones are found in the reds of the room just like in the way each person uses their native language. The color red can make you strong and brave as well as tickle your imagination.
    • History: History can be black and white but it can also depend on your perspective. At the Salpa Line you are in the midst of World Wars, the Finnish civil war and the history of wood industry and the village school. The two big windows fill the room with light. Throw yourself on the bed bathing in sunlight and let your mind wander off to the different historical events and perspectives.
    • Physics: Luxurious metallic tones decorate the room that represents the so called hard sciences: physics, chemistry and mathematics. The inventions of natural sciences have made the luxurious modern life possible. These inventions from the past times can also be found around Salpalinjan Hovi. They have made the development of the forest and metallic industries of the South Karelia possible.
    • Visual arts: The blue-toned, Art-themed room is the only room in the hotel for two people without an option for an extra bed. The room is furnished with refreshing textiles and you can find art on the walls made with different techniques and styles.
    • Biology: The green-toned Biology and Geography -themed apartment includes two rooms which comfortably fit a six-person family. The view from the windows open up to the garden and the school’s old sports court, which can be used by the family for playing and games. Salpalinjan Hovi is located geographically in a unique location since it is on top of a watershed dividing the Vuoksi and Kymi-river water systems.
    • Music: The gold and silver toned plush two roomed apartment is for you if you are in the mood for luxury in your life and want to have the wedding night of your life in the nature. The apartment has a separate entrance from outside and is well suited for long-term stays. The windows of the room open up to a view of the yard’s romantic flower bushes.
  • Facilities: The kitchen has a refrigerator, stove, a microwave oven, an electric drip coffee maker, electric kettle and tableware. The bathroom has a toilet, shower and a hair dryer. Other equipment can be asked from the reception. There is a roofed fireplace with a grill outside, available for all the guests.
  • Spa & Wellness: The hotel's traditional Finnish sauna is available through reservation.
  • Winter activities: You can go skiing, ice-skating and snowshoeing straight from the hotel.
  • Summer activities: Rutola-village trail, geologically interesting watershed-area and timber rafting history, a swimming beach 400 meters from the hotel door, great bird watching opportunities around and near the hotel, fishing opportunities, good mushroom and berry-picking grounds, good opportunities for cycling, canoeing possible - the hotel is located in the middle of a canoeing route.

Contact: Salpalinjan Hovi

Salpalinjan Hovi
Anne Sorsa-Vainikka
Vanha Mikkelintie 125
53830 Lappeenranta 

Destination: Saimaa Region

Lappeenranta and Imatra region by Lake Saimaa is located near the Russian border only a couple of hours away from Helsinki (Helsinki-Lappeenranta 220 km). The gem of the area is Saimaa, Finland’s largest and Europe’s fourth largest lake. 

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