Pyhä: Hidden treasure in Finnish Lapland

Mar 25, 2020 3:08:07 PM

Destination Pyhä

Welcome to Pyhä in the north of Finland! In the nook of a National Park, it lies pure and unspoilt. It is sympathetic, cosy and tranquil. Pyhä has all services within a small area, and in its backyard the oldest National Park in Finland with its gorges, peaks and old-growth forests.

If you are looking for that unique place where the silence is present every moment and word hustle is not recognizable, Pyhä is the place. We love and cherish our nature. Sustainability is our main worth. We value personal service with laidpack atmosphere and quality experiences. We like to focus on individuals and keep our group sizes small. As small are we too.

Pyhä is considered a hidden treasure which is part of its charm. Let’s make sure that the feelings remains and continues to provide authentic experiences to those who visit Pyhä for the first time.

Experiences in the area

Amethyst Mine Adventures

Europe’s only active amethyst mine can be found on top of Pyhä-Luosto’s Lampivaara fell. The captivating place with its superb view of the surrounding nature is an attraction for numerous visitors every year. And as the beautiful forest will be changed into a national park the area’s attractiveness increases. The mine is a national treasure and mining at the Amethyst mine is done environmentally friendly – no big machines at all. In the mine you will get by walking, snowshoes, electric fatbike, snowmobile and pendolino.

Amethyst Mine in Pyhä

Special reindeer safaris

Pyhä-Luosto area is located in the very heart of the reindeer culture. Reindeer economy and reindeer herding - as it is now known - is a livelihood of at least 500 years old. Reindeer has been known to used for carrying and pulling stuff since our time. Reindeer is a very nice, humble and obedient animal, as long as it gets learning first! In total there are about 200,000 reindeer in Finland and about 5000 reindeer owners in Lapland. From Pyhä-Luosto reindeer experiences there are many to choose.

Special reindeer safaris in Pyhä

For nature wonderers and nature adventurers

The 35-km-long fell chain in Pyhä-Luosto is a remnant of one of the Earth's oldest mountain ranges. It was formed over 2000 million years ago. Special features of the National Park are steep slopes, deep ravines, separating fell tops from one another, rugged quartzite quarries and scree patches. The National Park's deepest ravine is Isokuru, which is 220 metres deep and one of the area's most important sights. Safe and informative way to explore and feel the quiet, calm and rugged winter nature is by guided nature activities. With these tours one feel own heartbeat and relax with the sound of silence.

Natur in Pyhä

Local food with love

Lapland is the new courmet destination and Pyhä with real local ingredients is in the very heart of it. Cosy, laidpack atmosphere with the fine tasty food in unique surroundings  crown the trip to Lapland. Take a look the specialties of  Pyhä-Luosto region.

Where to sleep in Pyhä?

Accommodation options of the area vary from small hotel, to new apartments and cabins. Igloo apartments in the heart of the Pyhä and more close to nature are found also from Pyhä area. All the accommodation providers can be found from here.

Northern Lights in Pyhä

Visit Arctic North - Your partner for Pyhä

Visit Arctic North is your contact for activities and travel packages in the Pyhä region. On the website individuals & agencies can find almost all the activities in Pyhä holiday resort. We have handpicked the best programs from the different operators in the area. It is easy to see what is available. We want to serve tour operators and agencies as a DMC. It is easy for us to package accommodation, activities, transportation and meals from all the suppliers of the area in one place.

We are small family owned company known from friendly local people. Our service providers in the area are small family owned companies too, with quality services and activities organized in the small groups.

Contact Visit Arctic North

Visit Arctic North
Laura Tervo
Sales & Operation Manager 

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