New Investments of Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän

Nov 12, 2018 2:15:46 PM

Spa Resort Järvisydän

The history of Järvisydän began already in 1658, when the first member of Heiskanen family get a piece of land as a present, because he had been working well in the army, but there came also a regulation, that he had to build up a guest house and a place where to change the horses. Now a days a guest house is run by the 11th generation and the history and a lake nature is cherished in the buildings, surroundings, restaurants and in activities of the resort. Järvisydän is open around the year.  

Hotel Spa Resort Järvisydän

Relaxing on Lake Saimaa

Relax in Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän and in the sceneries of Lake Saimaa.

New investments of Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän

The newest investments of Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän are the unique Lake Spa, which is also the most ecological spa in Finland and the Scenery Suites, in which you can really feel the Finnish 4 seasons and the changes of the nature lights. 

Lake Spa Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän

Unique Lake Spa

The spa is built in the middle of the natural rocks and the large windows are overlooking Lake Saimaa. The building itself will be hidden under the forest terrain, which amplifies Järvisydän’s original atmosphere and the nature of Lake Saimaa. You can pamper yourself in the several types of saunas and dip yourself in lake water around the year. 

Lake Spa

Scenery Suites

The Scenery Suites are located close to the lake shore of the resort, so you can enjoy the beautiful lake views and the scenery of Linnansaari National Park. In summer you can feel the nightless night from the big roof windows, in Autumn the coming darkness and quietness, in winter the beautiful dark sky with the stars and maybe even the Nordic Lights and in Spring the awakening nature.

Welcome to relax in the heart of Lake Saimaa!

Scenery Suites Hotel Järvisydän

Infos: Järvisydän

  • Accommodation: 22 rooms in Hotel Järvisydän (6 Standard Rooms, 12 Suites, 2 Superior Suites with Sauna, 1 Superior Suite, 1 Vip Suite /cottages - 8 Hillside Villas with 5 twin rooms (own toilet & shower in each room), 3 Log Villas with 2 bedrooms and a sleeping gallery with 2 beds, 2 Lakeside Villas with 4 bedrooms and a sleeping gallery with 2 beds. 2 Scenery Suites, 1 x one bedroom and kitchen, 1 x 2 bedroom and kitchen. Coming more soon. 
  • Equipment of rooms: Standard rooms have minibars, shower, coffee maker, water boiler, towels and bedlinen, balcony. Other room types have in addition Jacuzzi, small kitchen (except Superior Suite is without kitchen) / cottages - all the cottages have sauna, shower, coffee maker, water boiler, towels and bedlinen, kitchen, living room, terrace. Log and Lakeside Villas have also a Jacuzzi and Lakeside Villas have an extra sauna on the beach + rowing boat / apartments 
  • Restaurants/bars: Restaurant Piikatyttö, lunch & dinner buffet and Tavern’s Menu (a la carte), Wine Cellar dinners and private occasions. Lotjabaari - boat bar, Kota (teepee) restaurant upon agreement, Humppasali, for dinners and private occasions.
  • Advice: Pets allowed? In some villas. In hotel or Scenery Suites not allowed. Parking places available? Yes, free.
  • Distances: Distance to closest supermarket? 10km, Rantasalmi village. Distance to closest airport/ railway station? Railway Varkaus 40km, Savonlinna 55 km. Airport Kuopio ca. 100km, Savonlinna ca. 70km
  • Airport transfer offered?: By additional cost, yes.


Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän
Tanja Heiskanen
Porosalmentie 313
58900 Rantasalmi
Tel. +358 (0)20 729 1760

Provider: Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän

The Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän is located in the middle of the Saimaa Lake District and next to Finland's oldest National Park Linnansaari. The history of Järvisydän began as early as 1658, when a member of the Heiskanen family received a piece of land for his exemplary army service. But there was also a condition attached! He had to build a guesthouse and create a place where horses could be changed. Today the guesthouse is run by the 11th generation.

Destination: Saimaa Lake District

The Lappeenranta and Imatra region on Lake Saimaa is close to the Russian border, just a few hours from the Finnish capital Helsinki. From Helsinki it can be easily reached in just a few hours by train, bus or car. In summer, you can also travel visa-free from Lappeenranta to Russia and combine the beautiful nature of the lake landscape with the cultural metropolis of St. Petersburg.

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