New hotel and winter activities in Kukkolaforsen

May 15, 2019 3:08:54 PM

Kukkolaforsen Turist & Konferens is situated on the beautiful Torneälv River in the north-eastern part of Sweden, next to the rapids of Kukkola on the Finnish border.

New hotel opened in December 2018

Located directly at the rapids, the newly built hotel in Kukkolaforsen has opened. The new hotel offers accommodation in modern double rooms with comfortable beds, bathroom and terrace facing the river. Guests can look forward to a stay in luxuriously furnished accommodation overlooking the thundering rapids. Breakfast, bed linen and cleaning services are always included.

Hotel room details: Hotel Kukkolaforsen

  • Number & size of rooms: 16 rooms, 24 m²
  • Room capacity: max. 2 adults + 1 child
  • Facilities: Each room is equipped with double bed or twin beds.
  • Note: Hotel standard includes linen, breakfast and cleaning at the end of the stay. Towels/linen will not be switched during the stay (if not otherwise agreed).

Rooms of the new Kukkolaforsen hotel

Additional accommodation options in Kukkolaforsen

Apartment cottages

Kukkolaforsen also offers additional accommodation in 29 cottages, of which 14+8 are in use in winter. The larger apartment cottages (12+2) accommodate 4 persons and the smaller cabins (8) accommodate 2 persons.
All apartment cottages are beautifully situated along the banks with a view to the Torne River and Finland on the other side.

Kukkolaforsen Apartment cottages


Two of our apartment cottages are renovated into suites. They are situated right by the river and have a small balcony facing the water. These are always hotel serviced with limited self-catering facilities.

Infos: Kukkolaforsen Turist & Konferens 

  • Founded: Kukkolaforsen Turist & Konferens AB was founded in 1987, the new hotel opened at the end of 2018.
  • Season: all year
  • Languages: English
  • Accommodation: 16 hotel rooms, 29 apartment cabins, including two suites.
  • Restaurants: A la Carte Restaurant, Bistro
  • Spa & Wellness: Sauna can be booked from January to April for groups.

Winter photo of the Kukkolaforsen rapids

Experience a boarder less winter holiday in the Heart of Lapland

Kukkolaforsen arranges all types of winter activities; Snowmobile, Huskie farm, Reindeer farm, ice fishing and guided tours through our cultural area. You can also visit the Kemi Snow Castle and Rovaniemi, with the Santa Claus and Christmas products. 
Below you will find some examples of winter activities; others on request.

Northern lights photography in the Kukkola village

Northern lights, or aurora borealis, are a common occurrence in Kukkola. We meet you in the reception and shortly tell you how to shoot pictures at night, with particular reference to northern light photography. Later on, we move into the historical village of Kukkola, in order to get the best shots of auroras and old buildings, people and the dim village lights. During the safari we light a fire in the hut and serve you a snack with hot drinks. The hut is also a great place to warm yourselves up. In case of northern light occurrence, a picture with you and the northern lights is included in the price and will be sent to you electronically.

Product information: Northern lights photography 

  • Season: September-April
  • Duration:  3-4 h
  • Participants: 2-10 pax
  • Languages: English
  • Note: Bring your own camera and tripod (rental possible – please enquire)

Northern light photography in the village Kukkola

Day on ice – with a professional ice swimmer

We’ll spend the morning on the frozen river – be careful and do not step out of the area we’ll mark as safe! It only takes a short walk to get into another world, where you’ll be surrounded by nature in its wildest form. You’ll learn how to dig a hole for fishing, and hopefully you can chase some of our fantastic fish! A bigger hole can be dug for icewater dipping – a unique arctic experience! Take out a big block of ice from the river, and check for yourself how heavy it is! A snack and coffee will be served, and a fire will be lit. The event takes place in the surroundings of Kukkola, and no bus transfer is required.

Product information: Day on ice

  • Season: 15. Dezember to 15. April
  • Duration:  4 h
  • Participants: 2-10 pax
  • Languages: English

A day on the ice in Kukkolaforsen

Swedish Lapland Visitors Board - EU Logo


Kukkolaforsen Turist & Konferens AB
Kukkolaforsen 184 
953 91 Haparanda
Tel. +46 922 31000

Provider: Kukkolaforsen Turist & Konferens AB

The family owned company was started in 1987 in Swedish Lapland. Kukkolaforsen offers accommodation in a new build hotel (opens Dec 2018) and hotel standard cottages with stunning view overlooking the river and the rapids all year around. Kukkolaforsen Panorama Restaurant offers a special combination of Swedish and Finnish food traditions. Ingredients are locally produced and dishes always vary with seasons.

Destination: Heart of Lapland

Welcome to East Swedish Lapland. Enjoy our hospitality. It is said that every place has its own charm. And no one will disagree if we say that Swedish Lapland is truly a place with a special charm. There are small picturesque islands in the middle of an overwhelming landscape and a fascinating history. It is not uncommon for locals to invite their guests to dance on a warm summer evening and for children to find friends for life while playing in the great outdoors. This is really a holiday at its best - uncomplicated, peaceful and simply wonderful.

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