Meeting moose in Cape Wild moose park

Aug 12, 2019 1:15:22 PM

Bucket list: Meet a Moose guaranteed at Cape Wild

Ever dreamed about kissing a moose? Cape Wild outside Luleå by the coast of Swedish Lapland is a small and personal moose park opened recently. Here you can meet a tame moose in person and feed them bananas as a snack. Yes, these moose actually love bananas! But usually their food are leaves and branches. The three tame moose at Cape Wild are named Zigge, Zebbe (two bulls) and their girlfriend Zaga are all very social and as a guest you are able to touch and pet the moose. Thomas Dahlqvist the owner of the moose park will tell you all you want to know about these three friendly animals and about moose in general with both a nature and culture aspect.

At Cape Wild moose park you can choose between meeting the moose together in a group (scheduled tours) or as a VIP private experience. Tours are also available incl lunch served in a tepee tent next to the moose enclosure. If you need transfer from your accommodation in Luleå city, please contact us before booking.  

Elchfütterung im Cape Wild

Meet a moose

Our tame moose Zigge, Zebbe and Zaga is always ready to give you a lifetime experience, and they all love apple, bananas and carrots. You get a good information about Scandinavia’s biggest wild animal. It's very exciting to stand eye to eye with 'The King of The Forest' and feed the moose from your own hands. This is our scheduled tours and you are visiting the moose together with other guests. 

Product information: Meet a moose

  • Season: All year, except October (mating season)
  • Duration: 1,5 hours or 2,5 hours incl. lunch
  • Languages: Englisch
  • Participants: 2-20 pax. (from 6 pax. if lunch is booked in addition)
  • Services: Program as described with expert guide
  • Optional: Lunch in teepee incl. coffee/ tea (from 6 participants)
  • Transfer: Upon request, a transfer can be arranged from your accommodation in Luleå. Please ask in advance.

Kaffee am offenen Feuer

Meet a moose VIP

With the VIP you get a private guided tour only for you and your friends or family (the tour are not shared with others) you will be told a lot of stories and history both about the moose but also about the local area and Cape Wild. After you met the moose you get to taste some really special wild snacks, produced only from local products. 

If you choose the incl lunch tour you will be served a tasteful lunch made of local products and often very special for this area. Sometimes we barbecue the lunch over an open fire, and sometimes we make it with our Muurikka (special flat pan over open fire).

It all sums up with a freshly cup of coffee and snack. The coffee is cooked at place and over an open fire. Just as a real northern Swedish coffee shall be made! Before you leave Cape Wild, and go back to your accommodation, you also will get a small unique moose memory gift, only available for our VIP-guests! In the small souvenir shop you also get the opportunity to buy home some of the food you just have been tasting.  

Product information: Meet a moose VIP

  • Season: All year, except October (mating season)
  • Duration: 2.5 hours or 3.5 hours incl. lunch
  • Languages: English
  • Participants: 2-10 pax.
  • Services: Program as described with expert guide, coffee/ tea, wildsnacks
  • Optional: Lunch in teepee 
  • Transfer: Upon request, a transfer can be arranged from your accommodation in Luleå. Please ask in advance.

Wildsnacks im Cape Wild

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Cape Wild Moose Park
Thomas Dahlqvist
Bälingevägen 277, 975 94 Luleå
Tel. +46 70 314 11 98

Anbieter: Cape Wild

The company was founded in 2017 and will be a unique destination for everyone who loves our northern wildlife and of course our nature. The game park offers a lot of different activities and attractions for visitors, moose park with close visits to the moose, local food and beverages, souvenirs, meetings, dog training and hunting, and a lot more to come.
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Destination: Luleå

Luleå has a great variety of Arctic landscapes and extends from the 1,300 islands of the coastal archipelago over the wild river valleys to the forests of Swedish Lapland. Luleå offers a wide selection of winter experiences. From the mountains to the sea, this region is unique. Tourism remains a down-to-earth and authentic reflection of the culture, unique traditions, history and modern facilities of northern Scandinavia. Fine food from the wilderness completes the personal touch of the region. 

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