Local History Museum & Log Church of Pudasjärvi

Apr 24, 2019 5:01:37 PM

Pudasjärvi Local History Museum

Pudasjärvi Local History Museum is one of the best of its kind in Finland. In the well maintained area about 10 km from the center of Pudasjärvi the visitor gets a good look at the ordinary man's life and the history of log building; log was the main building material in Finland until World War II. The museum opened 1960 in the granary built by the local joiners 101 years earlier. The buildings in the area of about 3 hectares are either weathered grey or painted with the traditional red cooking paint.The museum of the log capital of Finland hosts a valuable collection of over 20 traditional log buildings from cow sheds, barns and homes to a museum of forestry, and a vast array of smaller objects.

Museum Pudasjärvi

Old log church of Pudasjärvi

Next to the museum there is the old log church of Pudasjärvi. The plank covered church dates back to 1781. The bell tower was built ten years earlier. The fence surrounding the cemetery is the world’s longest plank covered log fence. It measures 1371 meters.

Church of Pudasjärvi

The museum and the church with the bell tower and the fence form a historically valuable entity in a nationally valuable scenery of Aittojärvi-Kyngäs.

Product information: Local History Museum of Pudasjärvi

  • Season: Summer: June-August (on demand possibly earlier / later - not winter)
  • Founded in: 1865
  • Language: English
  • Number of employees: 311
  • Services: Guided tours for individuals and groups; groups also outside regular hours
  • Note: Museum: Cash only; exact prices or opening hours/dates are not yet decided for 2019; much similar to earlier years

Contact: Museum of Pudasjärvi

Aila Ryhänen / Birgit Tolonen
Varsitie 7, 93101 Pudasjarvi
Tel.: +358 40 621 3140 / +358 40 585 6229

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