Lapland Bike Hotel & Day Trips

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Lapland Bike Hotel

The Lapland Bike Hotel is designed to meet the needs of cyclists, from activities to nutrition. The all-inclusive service includes all you need for a perfect cycling holiday.Hotel Iso Syöte Bike Hotel Concept

Lapland Bike Hotel - Services for bikers

  • Bicycle storage room: bicycle storage room with lockable racks.
  • Servicing facilities: the servicing facilities include a washing space, basic repair tools and spare parts.
  • Cycling guides and route maps: where to go, where to rent a bike - our guides give you the best tips of the season, and the maps are courtesy of the hotel.
  • Laundry: self-service washing machine and dryer located in the bicycle storage.
  • Nutrition: our delicious breakfasts and our à la carte menu offer suitable nutrition for those on the move - with the necessary energy supplements. You can also order already-made packed lunch that will keep you nourished, even on longer journeys.
  • Spare parts service: we offer a supply of basic spare parts, in addition to which special parts can be delivered from Oulu on the same day, or the next day at the latest.
  • Bike rental: mountain bikes, road bikes and fat bikes. We use the FELT bike brand.
  • BHC cycling clothing: high-quality clothing for a good start on the trails or the road.

Hotel Iso Syöte Bike Hotel Concept

Day trip: Hirsiniemi Mountainbike Tour

On this tour, we examine the best Livojärvi area has to offer. The ride starts off from a parking place in the middle of Livojärvi giving you a great view of the vastness of the lake. First kilometers consists of easy gravel service road, which gradually turns smaller and smaller until we're on a wide flowy trail that takes you up, down and around the hilly ridge cape for some ten kilometers. Every once in a while there's an open lean-to shelter where we'll stop for a break.
After the breaks and some more great trails, it's time to cross the lake strait to Livohka. Except, this one we'll cross by a rowing boat, two persons and bikes at a time! Once we've reached Livohka, it's time for a tasty half way lunch.
After the lunch we'll head back -depending on the riders' motivation and technical abilities we'll either take the northern or southern shore of the lake and Hirsiniemi cape. Even if we'd take the southern approach, we would hardly have to travel on the same trails - there are so much of them to choose from!

Difficulty: easy to mediocre difficulty

Product information: Hirsiniemi mountain bike tour

  • Season: June – end of October
  • Participants: 2 - 16 pax
  • Duration: 4 - 7 hours
  • Language: English
  • Services: Minibus transfer from the Hotel and back, snacks at the lean-to shelters, lunch at Livohka holiday center included
  • Note: Tours are always adjusted according to riders' needs and wishes. Our experienced guides can easily customize the tour on the fly.

Hotel Iso Syöte Bike Hotel Concept

Day trip: Loukusa Mountain Bike Tour

Loukusa is an old countryside village located on yet another ridge section passing through various lakes, the biggest of which is Loukusanjärvi. These ever- so-wonderful narrow and steep ridges are less-travelled than some others, which means our bikes will be in their element there!
The ride starts off from close to the Loukusa village, and first we'll go check the remains of an old combined bridge and dam, which once served the forest industry by the means of water regulation for timber rafting. From there, our route will take us along the beautiful ridges between the lakes and hills to the middle of Loukusanjärvi until we have to turn back - unless you want to take a swim, of course! We'll make sure you can enjoy the marvelous sceneries and also stop for a combined ”snacks-and views-break” during the ride, naturally.
A couple of kilometers from the Loukusa village, our ride finishes on an old ranch farm, the very ranch the hotel owner Mr. Kuukasjärvi himself grew up at! There'll be and old-timer classic Finnish countryside sauna waiting for us, and after the sauna Mr. Kuukasjärvi will serve us a tasty dinner in local Loukusa style. After the dinner, we'll head back to the hotel. Or, optionally, we could stay overnight and continue our adventure to other trails the very next day!

Difficulty: easy to mediocre difficulty

Product information: Loukusa Mountain Bike Tour

  • Season: June – end of October
  • Participants: 2 - 16 pax.
  • Duration: 3-5 hours
  • Languages: English
  • Services: Minibus transfer from the Hotel and back, snacks at the lean-to shelters, dinner at Loukusa Ranch old-time farm
  • Note: Tours are always adjusted according to riders' needs and wishes. Our experienced guides can easily customize the tour on the fly.

Find out more about the Lapland Bike Hotel here.


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Destination: Syöte

Finland's most southern Fjäll region offers a picturesque Lapland-like scenery, attractive accommodations and a whole range of year-round activities all around the Syöte National Park. The Syöte region is easily accessible by public transport. Finland's second most frequented airport, Oulu, is nearby and allows international flight connections.

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