Kalajoki Visitor Centre

Mar 25, 2019 4:19:52 PM

Kalajoki Visitor Centre

Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland is a state owned enterprise that takes care of all the National Parks in Finland and about 20 nature centres or visitor centres. Metsähallitus provides a large amount of nature trails, camp fire sites and other services for everybody who wants to enjoy the beautiful nature in Finland. Services are free of charge but guided tours cost.

Kalajoki visitor centre is the customer service point of Metsähallitus in Kalajoki. In the visitor centre there are lots of hands on activities for the whole family. The exhibition is accessible for disabled, free entrance, interesting stories about the nature and history of the coast of Bothnian Bay. The main attractions are the submarine simulator Botnia, the copies of the record fish caught in Finland and nature documents shown in the exhibition.

Exhibitions and guided tours

Kalajoki Visitor Centre is the number one destination for visitors to the Bothnian Bay. It is located by the Kalajoki Sand Dunes. The Visitor Centre will provide you with tips on the best outdoor destinations in the Bothnian Bay area.
Our exhibition in three floors tells about the history and nature of the northernmost part of the Baltic Sea, Bothnian Bay.
You can take a plunge into the underwater world with a submarine simulator, learn about the Ice age, the nature and species of the Bothnian Bay and about the Bothnian Bay National Park, read about the lives of inventive peasants and the fishing bases of the Bothnian Bay, or try to catch the biggest fish in Finland. Guided tours (1 hour) are available in English. There is a nature and souvenirs shop in the visitor centre.

Product information: Kalajoki Visitor Centre

  • Season: 16.2.- 31.10.
  • Languages: English, Swedish
  • Founded in: 2007


Vihaslahti hiking self guided tour along a duckboard trail

Vihaslahti is one of the largest coastal meadows in the Northern Osthrobothnia. Easy access nature trail runs across the beautiful land uplift landscape first on the beautiful sand dune area by the sea and then on the bird rich coastal meadow on which sheep are grazing during the summer. Along the 8,4 km trail there are info boards about the marine history of Kalajoki. The trail starts from the Kalajoki visitor centre and at the end of the trail at Vihaslahti there are a bird watching tower, an info hut, a Lapp hut and a camp fire place suitable for even bigger groups.

In winter, Vihaslahti is a perfect destination by skiing along the ice ski track or by the snow mobile. In spring you can see and hear thousands of migrating birds resting on the Vihaslahti Bay.

Product information: Tour along a duckboard trail

  • Season: 25.2.-30.10.
  • Duration: 3 h  
  • Total length: 8,4 km   
  • Note: self guided tour, good walking shoes and suitable clothing needed. A map, free of charge, provided from the Kalajoki Visitor Centre. 

Contact: Kalajoki Booking Centre

Laura Kujala
Jukupolku 5, FIN-85100 Kalajoki
Tel. +358 (0)8 466 691

Destination: Kalajoki 

Kalajoki with its long beach and sand dune area "Hiekkasärkät" is a compact holiday area in Northern Finland situated at the seaside of the Bothnian Bay, 1,5 h drive south of Oulu airport via Route 8. Kalajoki is ideal for guests who value pure and spectacular nature, are interested in traditions and history and appreciate also high-standard accommodation and services.

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