Ice & Light Village in Kalix

Mar 18, 2019 1:34:02 PM

Igloo experience

Welcome to the igloo experience of Ice & Light Village. Stay and sleep in our cosy, fully equipped igloo-shaped domes.

Situated next to the frozen Kalix River, Ice & Light Village offers an alternative accommodation compared to hotels or guesthouses. Experience vast views of frozen ice and beautiful landscapes with close access to winter tours and activities.
The igloos are decorated with Scandinavian interior and designed to take in the serene surroundings through the huge windows. Relax and enjoy our beautiful winter wonderland – and with some luck you might spot the northern lights right outside your window. 

Bedroom of an igloo in the Ice & Light Village

Campaign and tour operator cooperation

Lapland Ice & Light is starting an introductory campaign this winter (until the end of April), during which this experience will be offered at half price. Prices on request.

For more information or co-op, please do not hesitate to contact us.

View from the Igloo in the Ice & Light Village

Produktdetails: Ice & Light Village

  • Founded: The first igloos were completed in March 2018.
  • Language: English
  • Season: December-April 
  • Accommodation details: five igloos in total.
  • Igloo facilities: two beds (twin), bedroom,  bathroom

Winter experiences in Kalix, the Heart of Lapland

Lapland Ice & Light also supplies different activities to add to the experience, like Icebreaker, Snowmobiling, Skiing and Dogsledding.

Cruise the frozen sea on an Icebreaker or head out on a cross-country ski tour in the snowy archipelago. Get close to nature on a snowmobile or dog sled tour and watch the northern lights dance across the starry sky.

Exceptional culinary experiences

The food experience is exceptional in Heart of Lapland. Kalix is home to the red gold, Kalix Löjrom (Bleak roe caviar), a prized delicacy with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status, issued by the European Union. It is healthy both for you and our nature, and is served at special occasions such as the Nobel banquet, royal weddings and other celebrations. Don’t miss the food at Arvids Place, awarded by the Scandinavian restaurant guide White Guide, or a drink and dinner at Jara Kitchen and Bar that serves local produce and delicacies

Contact: Lapland Ice & Light AB

Lapland Ice & Light AB
Ice and Light Village
Maarit Lindvall
Morinsvägen 3, 95251 Kalix
Tel: +46 (0) 72 53 00 583

Destination: Heart of Lapland

Welcome to East Swedish Lapland. It is said that every place has its own charm. And no one will disagree if we say that Swedish Lapland is truly a place with a special charm. There are small picturesque islands in the middle of an overwhelming landscape and a fascinating history. It is not uncommon for locals to invite their guests to dance on a warm summer evening and for children to find friends for life while playing in the great outdoors. This is really a holiday at its best - uncomplicated, peaceful and simply wonderful.

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