Granö Beckasin

Apr 20, 2020 2:57:13 PM

Granö Beckasin is a lodge situated on a peninsula by the river Umeälven in the beautiful wilderness of Swedish Lapland, between Umeå and Lycksele. The range of services is extensive - from accommodation and activities to restaurant services, everything is provided from one source. Packages for several days can also be arranged. Granö Beckasin is certified as a ecotourism company by "Natures Best”.

Accommodation types

Bird nests

Enjoy and relax in our 6 unique tree houses the only one with a complete bathroom offering your guest everything you expect of hotel room with high standards. Including a spectacular view over the Umeriver.

  • Capacity: 6 bird nests/ Aurora tree houses (2-3 persons + 1 extra)
  • Equipment: The bird's nest or aurora tree houses offer spectacular views over the river and the surrounding area. With a bit of luck you can even see northern lights from there in winter. Four of the tree houses have a third hotel bed hidden in the wall and a small refrigerator. From the balcony, equipped with table and chair, you can relax and enjoy the view of the surroundings.

Granö Beckasin-Vogel Nest

Hotel cabins

The 25 m² cabins with hotel standard are ideal for families and offer individual service with a small kitchen inside.

  • Capacity: 8 hotel cabins (2-4 persons)
  • Equipment: The hotel cabins are equipped with a double bed as well as a sofa bed, making them ideal for families and offering space for up to 4 people. They also have a small cooking area that allows you to prepare your own food if you wish. Outside there is a garden table and a bench so you can enjoy the view.

Granö Beckasin-Hotel-Hütten


This building with 12 rooms was built from sustainable resources and with incredibly low heating costs.

  • Capacity: 12 eco-hotel rooms (2 persons)
  • Equipment: All rooms are double rooms and can be used as double rooms or twin rooms. They are equipped with shower and toilet, free WLAN and TV.

Granö Beckasin-Öko-Hotel


The camping site has caravan pitches and is situated directly on a river.

  • Capacity: 21 caravan places
  • Equipment: Some places have their own bridge to the river. Playground, beach in the bathing bay, a bio-café, a restaurant. Guests can rent pedal boats, wooden boats, bicycles and fishing equipment.

Granö Beckasin-Luftaufnahmen

Product information

  • Built: 2010 - takeover of an old campsite and renovation of the cabins, 2013 - the first 2 bird nests, 2014 - the eco-hotel, 12 rooms and a new restaurant, 2015 - 4 new bird nests and a glass house (for meetings and similar), 2016 - all cabins converted to hotel standard
  • Season: all year round
  • Languages: English, German
  • Number & type of accommodation: 6 bird nests/ Aurora tree houses (2-3 persons + 1 extra), 8 hotel cabins (2-4 persons), 12 eco-hotel rooms (2 persons), total 26 rooms. Camping site.
  • Equipment: varies depending on the type of accommodation
  • Restaurants: restaurant with a Nordic and sustainable focus
  • Spa & Wellness: one sauna and 2 whirlpools

  • Packages: different options available for summer and winter
  • Accessibility: Umeå airport (78 km), Lycksele (52 km), Skellefteå (151 km); Vindeln railway station (24 km), Umeå (74 km); transfer is available

Contact: Granö Beckasin

Granö Beckasin
Christopher Storm
Västanå 15
92295 Granö
Tel. +46 762299855

Destination: Umeå 

Granö Beckasin is located in the Umeå region of northern Sweden. A destination with urban city life together with broad and untouched nature. A destination filled with contrasts and unique experiences for both newcomers and well-travelled target groups. Umeå's offerings cover everything from Sámi traditions and the world's most Northern Opera house to museums and high-class restaurants. 

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