Finland Round Trip by Bike: Lake and countryside tour

Jul 16, 2020 4:17:38 PM

From the city of Tampere to abroad Teisko and beyond

This bicycle tour has a total distance of about 129 km, over five days. The tour starts and ends in Tampere. From there, the route heads north, always along Lake Näsijärvi, to Ruovesi and back again.


The biggest sight of the round trip is the Finnish nature, where you will find yourself every day. Other highlights along the route include Teisko Church, Aunessilta stone bridge and Finland's only fjord, Paarlahti. A visit to probably the smallest museum, the Velaatta milk platform, and a dinner at the top of Tampere's landmark, the Näsinneula sightseeing tower, complete the experience.

Visit Tampere Countryside Teisko Sommer Laura Vanzo

Route description

Day 1: Arrival

Guests will arrive in Tampere at 2.00 pm and will check in to the cozy Dream Hotel - a place with a hint of Scandinavian design in the center of the city, very close to the train station. The hotel also has a modern sauna complex so there is a possibility to have a relaxing sauna (with swimming suits on) at the evening or alternatively have a walking tour at the city centre.

  • Catering: Dinner at the hotel
  • Overnight stay: Dream Hotel

Day 2: Tampere – Sorila – Viitapohja

The bikes (electric or normal) will be delivered to the hotel at 9.00am and customed to the customer needs. The departure will be at 10.00 am. The route then takes 35 km cycling to Viitapohja via turn from Sorila. A take away lunch bag from hotel can be enjoyed anytime during the route.

First day trip from Tampere to Viitapohja takes guests from the city to the countryside. Viitapohja is an old village with traditional feeling. The village is located next to the rare inland fjord with unique scenery. When guests will arrive to Nostalgia b&b they can enjoy the beautiful and peaceful nature and countryside next to the accommodation. The stress will be left in the city.

  • Length of the route: 35 km
  • Catering: Own lunch bag from hotel, dinner at Nostalgia B&B.
  • Overnight stay: Nostalgia B&B

Day 3: Viitapohja – Kämmenniemi – Maisansalo – Kapee

Morning biking along Paarlahti fjord route will take guests to the local winery, Teiskon viini. Here guests will get to taste 4 x 4 cl of delicious finnish wines. After the wine guests will continue to Maisansalo. Maisansalo is a country bistro in a traditional Finnish manor surroundings just next to the lake Näsijärvi. At Maisansalo one can enjoy an archipelago style lunch with local fish delicacies.

The third day will end with a bicycle trip to Niemi-Kapee Farm. Niemi-Kapee Farm is located in a small Kapee village. The village in the rural surroundings was born in the 16th century and the history can be seen in old buildings and in the rural scenery. There will be a check in to the cottage accommodation and a dinner at 6 pm.

  • Things to see on the way: Teisko church, Aunessilta stone bridge at Kämmenniemi and Paarlahti fjord
  • Length of the route: 29 km
  • Catering: Breakfast at Nostalgia b&b, wine tasting at Teiskon viini, lunch at Restaurant Maisa and dinner at Niemi-Kapee Farm
  • Overnight stay: Niemi-Kapee Farm

Day 4: Kapee – Murole – Ruovesi – Murole – Kapee

Our fourth day will start by a short bike tour to Murole village (12 km). Murole is a village that has formed around Murole rapids and the canal (1854) that connects upper and lower sides of lake Näsijärvi. From Murole canal guests will get aboard the unique steamship Tarjanne (1908) that will transport them and their bikes to the local town of Ruovesi. A tasty lunch will be enjoyed onboard. Some years ago Ruovesi was voted as the most beautiful town in Finland. It has kept its small town charm. In Ruovesi you can visit Runeberg's spring. This natural fresh water spring is named after the Finnish national poet Johan Runeberg who enjoyed the clean water it provides and wrote one of his famous poems (Lähteellä=at the spring) at the spot. This truly is a place of tranquil. After sightseeing at Ruovesi the biking route will take guests back to the Murole canal via a museum route from the west side of lake Näsijärvi. At the canal bar one can buy something small to eat if one is already hungry. From Murole there will be the short biking trip back to Niemi-Kapee Farm (12 km). This evening offers a truly most traditional experience in the smoke sauna next to the lake. Here guest will be able to see and hear the origin of Finnish sauna culture.

  • Extra: Snacks and boat watching at Murole canal
  • Length of the route: 35 km + boat trip
  • Catering: Breakfast at Niemi-Kapee Farm, lunch aboard steamship Tarjannne, dinner at Niemi-Kapee farm.
  • Overnight stay: Niemi-Kapee farm

Day 5: Kapee – Kaanaa – Maisansalo – Tampere

The fifth day will begin with some modest biking (30 km) back to Maisansalo via Kaanaa village. This route will take guests passing the Milk platform museum, probably the smallest museum in the world. At Maisansalo, gourmet burgers will be served as lunch. From Maisansalo it will be time to pack up the bikes and continue back to Tampere with a bus/boat. The last dinner in Tampere will be set on the top of Tampere landmark, Näsinneula sightseeing tower (restaurant at 124m of the total 168m). From here one will have a magnificent 360 degrees view to Tampere and to the very landscapes one has biked.

  • Extra: Velaatta beach will offer a possibility to enjoy some lake swimming in the middle of biking; Teisko museum offers a collection that presents the local countryside lifestyle from the era when Finland was still mainly a rural country; Tampere city's vivid nightlife for those who are not feeling too tired of cycling.
  • Length of the route: 30 km
  • Catering: Breakfast at Niemi-Kapee farm, lunch at Maisansalo country bistro, dinner at Näsinneula sightseeing tower restaurant
  • Overnight stay: Dream Hotel Tampere

Visit Tampere Näsinneula Tower Laura Vanzo

Information about the round trip

  • Season: May–September
  • Duration (total): 6 days / 5 nights
  • Participants: 6-12 people
  • Services included: Accommodation, bicycles, catering described in the daily program
  • Optional services: Electric bicycles, private steamboat (Näsijärvi II) ride back to Tampere on day 5 instead of bus transport

Contact Visit Tampere / Project Lakesperience

Visit Tampere
Grigory Kharitidis 
Tel. +358 406 433301

Destination: Tampere

Finns' favourite city. Big and small. The city for Moomin fans, families, nature lovers, foodies and event junkies. The sauna capital of the World in the middle of the most beautiful Finnish Lakeland! Located just 2 hours from the capital Helsinki, Tampere makes a perfect destination when looking for an authentic Finnish lifestyle and city experience. Full of big-scale events and peaceful nature. In Tampere your clients can enjoy the public saunas and the Finnish nature like Finns do in their everyday life. Easy, friendly and uncomplicated!

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