Authentic nature experiences in the national parks of Kouvola Region & Kotka-Hamina Region

Nov 26, 2019 3:25:18 PM

Repovesi Nationalpark

Repovesi National Park and the Aarnikotka conservation area form a unique district of wilderness consisting of approximately 45 km of easy, more difficult and almost vertical trails. Its hills and cliffs challenge keen hikers and climbers. You can go trekking by canoe or rowing boat or take a guided fishing trip. The most famous landmark in Repovesi National Park is the suspension bridge located in Lapinsalmi.

You can start your hike from one of three entrances (car parks): Lapinsalmi and Tervajärvi are situated in the southern part of the national park, and Saarijärvi in the northern part.
Many local programme service companies co-operate with Metsähallitus (State Forest Enterprise). These companies base their operations on the principles of sustainable nature tourism in the national park.

Nationalpark Kouvola u. Kotka-Hamina - Repovesi

Repovesi National Park is open all year round. During the summertime there is a bus connection to Repovesi National Park from Kouvola via World Heritage Site Verla. The bus to Repovesi and Verla leaves from the main railway and bus station, located in the city centre and returns there.
Repovesi is just a couple of hours from Helsinki, but when you sit round a campfire listening to the eerie calls of red-throated divers echoing over the lake the city feels a million miles away.
You can find and download your perfect Repovesi National Park route by using Outdooractive platform.

Gulf of Finland National Park

Gulf of Finland National Park includes the outer archipelago of the easternmost coastal municipalities. The hundred islands and islets of the park are scattered onto a large open sea area, which is 60 km wide, and far from the mainland or the inhabited islands. Park is known for its diversity of bird species, and its war history. The best way to explore the park is by boat. To Ulko-Tammio Island there is also a regular passenger boat service during the summer. National Park is included in the network of the most important protected areas in the Convention on the Protection of the Marine Environment of the Baltic Sea Area. In spring huge flocks of arctic geese and waterfowl pass through these waters on their way northeast, creating an amazing natural spectacle. In the summer the area's old fishing villages come to life.

Nationalpark Kouvola u. Kotka-Hamina - Valkmusa National Park

Valkmusa National Park

The Valkmusa National Park in Pyhtää is a unique piece of wilderness and as breathtakingly beautiful as Lapland. The marsh environment of the park is exceptionally representative in terms of Southern Finland. More than 30 different marsh types have been classified in the national park area, illustrating the diversity of the marsh vegetation Bird and butterfly species otherwise rare in Southern Finland are found nesting in the marshes. The peaceful marsh areas are good resting areas for many migrating birds. 

The nature trail of Western oasis is a 2,5 km long circular trail starting from Simonsaari parking area. The name of the trail, Western oasis, origins from the ombrotrophic raised bogs that are found in the Valkmusa national park. There is a nature observation tower by the trail. The 1,1 km long trail that leads to the Moronvuori Day Trip Hut starts at the end of the road Suolinnantie and finishes by the Moronvuori Day Trip Hut. The National park is especially a good day-trip destination suitable for visitors of all ages all year.

Nationalpark Kouvola u. Kotka-Hamina - Valkmusa National Park

Kontakt: Nationalpark Repovesi 

Kouvola Innovation
Region Kouvola
Kirsi Vainio
Development Director, Marketing und Tourismus
+358 20 615 5885

Kontakt: Nationalpark Valkmusa

Region Kotka-Hamina 
Sanna Nikki
+358 40 190 2585

Destination: Kouvola Region

In Kouvola, the urban and the rural live side-by-side. The Kymi River winding through the region provides the local population and tourists with a setting for recreation, serves local forest industry companies and provides a unique landscape.
More about Kouvola Region »»

Destination: Kotka-Hamina Region

Kotka-Hamina region is situated on the southeast coast of Finland, on the shores of the Baltic Sea within only 1 hour drive from Helsinki area and 3 hour drive from St. Petersburg. Kotka–Hamina is an attractive seaside region offering more than 100 kilometres of coastline with a laid-back islander lifestyle and a strong maritime culture.  More about Kotka-Hamina Region »»

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