Apartments Youth Centre Anjala

Nov 28, 2019 10:14:09 AM

Apartments Youth Centre Anjala

In Youth Centre Anjala you can stay the night in cosy apartments. Youth Centre offers apartments for 5 to 16 persons, with 2 to 5 beds in a room. One flat normally has four bedrooms and a common living area with kitchenette and shower and toilet facilities. The surrounding nature offers many possibilities to enjoy clean Finnish nature by yourself or with a quide. 

Youth Centre Anjala - Zimmer, Room

Type, Number & Equipment of the Apartments

12 apartments with 149 beds
Youth Centre offers apartments for 5 to 16 persons, with 2 to 5 beds in a room. One flat normally has four bedrooms and a common living area with kitchenette and shower and toilet facilities.

Every apartment is fully equipped: Cooktop, refrigerator, microwave oven, coffee machine and tableware, TV, cabinet drier

In addition an apartment has an electric sauna. There is a possibility to rent a sauna with a fireplace room.

Restaurant & Café

Restaurant with lunch from Mondays to Fridays, possibility to order breakfast and dinner in advance. Catering services for festivites. Summer cafe in an old stone granary.

Youth Centre Anjala - Camp

Activities & Surrounding

Youth Centre Anjala is located in Ankkapurha Culture Park. The area has very diverse environment: forests, the river Kymijoki and historical Anjala manor with park and garden. On the other side of the river you can enjoy Industrial Museum and Tehtaanmäki residential district designed by famous Finnish architect, Alvar Aalto. The Culture Park offers a vast variety of free activities, such as hiking, frisbeegolf and garden picnic. You can also get to know the area with Citynomadi mobile routes, easy to use with your own phone! There is a possibility to rent a private nature guide for activities, such as snowshoeing, hiking, paddling and mountain biking. The Kymiring race track and attractions in Kouvola and Kotka are close, only 30 minutes from Youth Centre Anjala.

Winter: Cross-country ski tracks 2 km from the accommodation. Downhill ski centre in Mielakka, Kouvola in 25 km. Possibility to rent snowshoes from the Youth Centre.

Summer: In the summer the Ankkapurha Culture Park is full of life. There are guided walking tours about architecture and history and weekly yoga in the manor park. Ankkapurha Industrial Museum and  Anjala manor are open with art and history exhibitions. In the manor you can play room escape game. The Kymijoki river has good fishing opportunities only a few hundred meters from accommodation. In the forest byt the river you can find a beautiful nature with a fireplace. There is also a possibility to buy licence for fishing and to rent bicycles. 

Youth Centre Anjala - Mountainbike

Product information: Apartments Youth Centre Anjala

  • Season: all year
  • Languages: English
  • Rooms: 12 apartments, 149 beds
  • Arrival: Airport Helsinki (140 km), Stations Inkeroinen (4 km) and Kouvola (25 km)
  • Note: Pets are allowed in three apartments; 1 km to a small grocery store, 4 km to a bigger store; Free parking places. Opportunity to rent a place for heating the car.
  • additional Services: Outside playing field, ball game field and 9-course frisbeegolf track


Paula Rämä
Ankkapurhantie 15
46910 Anjala
Tel. +358 20 611 6201

Provider: Youth Centre Anjala

Youth Centre Anjala is one of the nine national youth centres. The Youth Centre Network offers a safe and responsible environment for various camps, trainings and other events. Finnish Youth Centres are supervised by the Ministry of Education and Culture.
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In Kouvola, the urban and the rural live side-by-side. The Kymi River winding through the region provides the local population and tourists with a setting for recreation, serves local forest industry companies and provides a unique landscape.
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