Älgens Hus - Moose Farm

Dec 7, 2020 3:58:48 PM

Moose farm Älgens Hus in the Umeå region

Älgens Hus (The Moose Farm), is Europe's first elk park with tame elks. Both adults and kids are fascinated by the King of the Forest. Meeting the huge elks can be a surreal and incredible experience. Being allowed to pat the elks is a unique experience, and is only possible, since the elks are tame. The whole area is full of exciting adventures for anyone regardless of age. A popular souvenir from the Älgens Hus/ Moose Farm, is the cheese made of Moose milk.

Restaurant on the moose farm

The restaurant is located in the wooden, main building. Menu with elk stew, elk meatballs with lingonberries, Elk burger, also vegetarian options etc. The restaurant is open in summer or on request.

Activities on the moose farm

Guided tour of the moose farm

The tour includes the slideshow "The Year of the Moose" (20 minutes) as well as a guided tour of the museum where you can ask the experienced guides all your questions (30 minutes).And naturally, the most exciting moment, saying hello to these noble Elks (30 minutes).

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Two-day snowmobile adventure

Two days snow scooter trip with focus on nature experiences. Overnight stay in a rustic cottage for a maximum of 8 people.

Day 1: By snowmobile to mountains and lakes

The tour starts at the moose farm and leads on well-prepared paths through hilly landscape. Over mountains and past lakes there are beautiful views. After lunch, the tour continues to a rustic wilderness cabin. There you will have dinner, enjoy the nice get-together and spend the night.

Day 2: Safari continues with ice fishing opportunities

After breakfast, the safari starts with new adventures. In addition to a forest lunch, you can try pimple fishing / ice fishing, make your coffee over an open fire. Often you are given the opportunity to see reindeers in their natural environment.

  • Season: December-April, depending on the snow conditions
  • Duration: 2 days/1 night
  • Language: English
  • Participants: 5-8 persons (minimum price for 5 persons. Tours with fewer people can be arranged on request).
  • Starting point: The Moose Farm, Bjurholm 75 km from Umeå
  • Starting time: Morning
  • Services: Guide, all necessary equipment, food (1x breakfast, 2x lunch, 1 x dinner), 1 overnight stay in a hut

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