Active week program for the autumn & northern light season in Levi

Nov 21, 2018 2:31:49 PM

Weekly programme for the autumn & northern light season

The active weekly programme for the autumn and northern light season in Levi is available between 01 September and 30 November 2018.
With a guaranteed minimum of two persons. Activities can be booked conveniently in advance and no later than 16.00 on the day before the desired activity.

In the following you will find some examples from the weekly program in detail as well as a complete list of all activities.

The complete activity programme for the autumn and northern light season in English can be found on the Levi website.

Autumn Fjäll-landscape in Levi

Northern light-activities

Us and Auroras: Dinner at Wolf Lake Hukkajärvi

On the shore of a private Wolf Lake, you can enjoy a three-course meal in peace. Be ready to be disturbed by a sudden call "There they are! The Auroras!" The hut is situated 15 km from Levi centre That is why on a clear night you have a great chance to see auroras reflected on the lake surface. No light pollution apart from some candle light inside the hut. In between the courses while waiting for the Northern Lights you can get acquainted with reindeer life. The price includes a starter, main meal and dessert according to what is available in the season.

Product information: Us and Auroras

  • Season: 01.09. - 30.11.2018
  • Duration: 2-3 hrs.
  • Services: Transfer, three-course-meal
  • Departure: at 18:30 in front of Levi Tourist Info, Myllyjoentie 2, Levi

Aurora floating

This unique evening experience gives you the chance to search for the Northern Lights while floating in a dry suit in one of the most picturesque lakes in Levi! Our dry floating suits are worn over your clothing, and cover you from head to toe keeping you completely dry and warm as you take turns to float in the still, peaceful water under the moonlight. During the trip, we will also relax by the cosy fire listening to stories about life in Lapland and the Northern Lights while enjoying a local snack. This excursion is suitable for children of 15 years and over.

Product information: Aurora floating

  • Season: 01.09. - 30.11.2018
  • Duration: 2-3 hrs. (including transfer)
  • Departure: at 21:15 at the safari's club, Leviraitti 26

Aurora Chase

Join us for an exciting journey where we chase and photograph the Northern Lights in comfort. All equipment is provided and no prior photography experience needed. We'll show you how the rhythms of the aurora are enhanced with a few simple camera techniques. Departing nightly from Levi, Finland, we provide small groups with a safe and comfortable Arctic experience. The photographs and memory card are yours to keep. Suitable for children over 12 yrs.

Product information: Aurora Chase

  • Season: 01.09. - 30.11.2018
  • Duration: about 4 hrs.
  • Departure: at 22:00 in front of Zero Point, Hissitie 8. October departure at 20:00.

Further Northern light-activitys

  • Aurora hunting in the pure air of Pallas National Park - Monday, 20:15
  • Aurora Icelandic Horse Trek - Monday/Thursday, 18:45
  • Canoeing under the Northern Lights - Tuesday/ Thursday, 21:00
  • Northern light boat trip/ picnic excursion - Tuesdays/ Fridays, 20:00
  • Nordlight Canoeing-tour - Thursday, 20:00
  • Northern Light search at wilderness lake - Thursday, 19:00
  • Northern Lights Hunt on a Horse - Fridays, 20:00
  • Stars and Northern Lights on top Kötkä-Fjälls - Friday, 19:00

Northern lights over the Levi Glass Iglus

Relax in the nature

Cocooning in the Halipuu forest

THURSDAY - Experience the forest from a new perspective – snuggled in a cozy hammock, breathing the purest air on the planet and listening to the sounds of the Arctic. After a short walk through our family's old woodlands we arrive at the hugging tree forest. Enjoy the ultimate in forest relaxation as your specialist guide takes you through a series of exercises. When you’re ready, you are tucked into a hammock cocoon swaying amongst the Halipuu trees. Afterwards we share a traditional warm black currant juice and a snack.

Product information: Cocooning

  • Season: 01.09. - 30.11.2018
  • Duration: about 2 hrs.
  • Group size: 2-15 pers.
  • Departure: 11.00, meeting point HaliPuu forest, in Veitservasa, Muoniontie 952, about 10km from Levi

Adventurepark in Levi

Berry picking, hiking und bikini

Superfood straight from the forest

Our guide will take you to the forest, through various landscapes and tells you about the delicacies of the several berries and nature itself. You can find different kind of berries, depending on the season, from the forest. We might also meet different Arctic animals on our excursion. During berry picking we enjoy "pot coffee" with a sweet bun by the open fire. Please note, no guarantee of finding berries.

Product information: Superfood

  • Season: Mo., 27.08. - 30.09.2018
  • Duration: 2-3 hrs.
  • Departure: at 13.00 from the stable in Veitservasa, about 10km from Levi towards Muonio.

Hike with a reindeer

Join us for a hike through the autumn colours on top of fell Kätkätunturi, with a reindeer and guide. Our reindeer help us out by carrying part of our burden on their back. We hike a familiar, but partly demanding path to the top of the fell and back. On the easiest part, it is nice to have a chat with the guide about nature and animals and get to know our splendid reindeer: Jekku and Kassu! Along the way, we enjoy outdoor meal. Get ready for a memorable tour! Age limit 12 yrs.

Product information: Reindeer

  • Season: Tue., 27.08. - 30.11.2018
  • Duration: about 4 hrs.
  • Departure: 12:00 at the end of Tuomikuruntie, the parking spot behind lake Immeljärvi.

A day hike to Keimiö fell

Lapland Wilderness Hike. From the south of the Pallastunturi chain, the Keimiö fell (fell height 614m) offers a spectacular scenery to Jeris lake, Keimiö lake and the Pallas fell range. At the top, we enjoy the peaceful scenery and have our snacks.The climb to Keimiö fell is rocky and steep, about 10km total. The hike is suitable for normal fitness level, minimum age limit is 18 years. Bring your own snacks and drinks.

Produkt information: Day hike

  • Season: Fr., 27.08. - 30.10.2018
  • Duration: about 6 hrs.
  • Services: Guide, transportation
  • Depature: at 10:00 in front of Levi Tourist Information (unitl October)

A Scenic Fat-bike excursion

An enjoyable and relaxing biking trip in the beautiful nature of Levi Fell. This tour is suitable for everyone and will give you the chance to experience some of the prettiest spots of Levi. Drive together with your guide along peaceful roads and forest paths and hear stories of the local nature and life in Lapland. This excursion is suitable for children of 15 years and over.

Product information: Fatbike

  • Season: Sun., 27.08. - 30.10.2018
  • Duration: about 2 hrs.
  • Depature: at 9:45 at the safari club, Leviraitti 26, Levi centre.

More about Wild Food, hiking & biking

  • Foraging & Fire - Wed., 10:00
  • Wild Food Coocking Workshop - Thu., 17:00
  • Evening excursion to Särki-Fjäll - Wed., 19:00
  • Excursion to the Aakenus-Fjäll - Thu., 10:00
  • Bicycle tour in the beautiful Lapland countryside - Tue, 14:00

Mountainbike in Levi

Full day programs

Trip to Saana and Arctic Ocean

On our way guide, will tell us about Lappish people life, culture and nature. We will stop at Arctic Knife store for shopping and enjoying coffee and some sweet breads. At Kilpisjärvi we will buy lunch for ourselves in a camping centre. Then we will start climbing to one of the Finland's famous fell, Saana. We will enjoy the most beautiful view on our way and at the top and see the tree countries border. When we come back from Saana-fell we continue trip to see Arctic Ocean. There we can refresh ourselves by swimming and do shopping in local stores. After this lovely tour, we will head back to Levi with many new experiences!

Product information: Trip to Saana and Arctic Ocean

    • Season: Wed., 27.08. - 28.09.2018
    • Duration: about 14 hrs..
    • Departure: at 08:00 in front of Levi Tourist Info, Myllyjoentie 2, Levi centre

Active programs: Canoe Tours & Horse Riding Excursions

Canoe tour for pleasure lovers

Canoeing is a fun and easy way to travel in the nature. The canoeing excursion takes us from Köngäs to Sirkka along the river Ounasjoki. There are no actual rapids, just a few stronger flows of water. It is therefore also suitable for beginners. Before starting off, the guide teaches us how to handle the canoe.

Product information: Canoe tour

  • Season: Mo., 27.08. - 28.09.2018
  • Duration: about 3 hrs.
  • Departure: at 11:00 from Levi Tourist Office, Myllyjoentie 2, Levi centre

2 hr Levi Icelandic horse trek

A two hours' Icelandic horse trek in beautiful Lappish scenery. The horses are small, cute and charming, yet strong, tough and sure-footed. No previous experience is required as our good-natured, gentle horses can also take beginners safely on their backs into the forest or on the fells. Rider's maximum weight 90-100 kg. Children age limit 12 years, unless they have previous experience of riding treks. Hot beverages and cookies are served during this excursion.

Product information: Horse trek

  • Season: Wed., 27.08. - 30.11.2017
  • Duration: 2 hrs.
  • Departure: at 9:45 in front of Levi Tourist Info, Myllyjoentie 2, Levi centre.

Other Activities

  • Canoeing tour in the Kingdom of the Gnomes in the National Park - Wed., 10:00
  • Excursion to the Huskyfarm - Wed., 09:45
  • Crazy about animals - Fr., 11:00
  • Visit of the horse and husky farm - Sun., 16:00
  • One-hour ride into the forest - Tue, 13:00
  • In the lap of the Fjälls on Icelandic horses - Fr., 09:45
  • The Magic of Tolt - Sat., 09:45
  • The Clatter of Hooves - Sat., 10:00
  • Disc golf for beginners - Thursdays, 15.45
  • Adventure park - daily from 10:00
  • Photo safari - Tue, 11:00
  • Autumn walk with the gnome in the yellow dress - Tuesdays and Fridays, 13:00


Levi Destination Sales
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Myllyjoentie 2, 99130 Levi
Tel:  +358 16 639 3300

Provider: Levi Destination Sales

Levi Destination Sales and Marketing offers a wide range of services in the Levi region. In addition to destination marketing and DMC service, Levi Travel offers tourist information for tourism professionals and end customers.
Levi Destination Sales and Marketing is also the central booking office for a wide range of services in Levi. The offer includes around 850 holiday apartments of various sizes and types, activities for individual travellers and groups, transfers, catering, ski passes and equipment, conference packages, special events for groups and companies as well as incentive programs.

Destination: Levi

Levi is a year-round destination with a wide range of leisure activities. In winter, skiers will be delighted, as Finland's largest and most popular winter sports resort offers 43 well-prepared ski runs, 28 lifts and a 230-kilometer network of cross-country trails. If you prefer nature, you can explore it on a snowmobile safari or dog sledding tour. During the bright summer months and into the colourful autumn, the endless fjeld landscapes offer excellent hiking opportunities. You can even pick lots of berries and mushrooms on a hike through the pure Lapland countryside.

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