Translation services: German

German translations of websites, product cards and texts.

Bokun product cards, websites or product descriptions in German

From us, you can get the contents and texts translated into German by a tourism professional, if necessary also directly to the website, for example. We translate e.g. Bokun product cards or website texts directly to the content management system (CMS), which allows German-language content to be published quickly and saves time. We also take search engine optimization into account when translating online, ie we edit the texts to match the terms most used in German search engines.

In addition to product cards and website texts, we can also translate brochure materials and presentations, for example for b2b workshops. If you want to stand out from the competition and serve German-speaking tour operators better, we always recommend the use of German-language materials.

NordicMarketing offers Travel-related texts translated by native German: English-German, Swedish-German or Norwegian-German as options. We do not use automatic translation tools for translations, but the translation work is done manually word for word and phrase to keep its content and message correct. Our team knows the terms and vocabulary of the tourism industry and we always edit the texts to suit the target group / market.



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