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Voukatti - The best mixture of the Finnish experience

Vuokatti is one of the most popular all year round holiday resorts in Finland and it is especially favoured by those who want to spend active nature holiday in authentic Finnish atmosphere. Situated in the provice of Kainuu just in the middle of the country at the cross road of Lapland and the Lakeland district Vuokatti and the surrounding area offer to visitors a mixture of the highlights of the best Finnish experience in one package

Diverse offer of activities both in summer and winter

In winter time one can easily make all the “must do” Finnish snow activities (i.e. snowmobile and husky safaris, snowshoeing) in Vuokatti area. The aurora season starts in Vuokatti at the same time as everywhere else in Finland, in September when the nights become darker. The probability to see this natural phenomenon in Vuokatti is around 25% which means that if your vacation lasts one week you should see the aurora borealis at least once during your stay.

In summer time Vuokatti and the surrounding area suit ideally for a visitor who looks for the Finnish summer and nature activities such as hiking, fishing, canoeing, boating, wild life watching or relaxing cottage life with the traditional Finnish sauna.

Centre for sports enthusiasts and professionals

In the 1940s Vuokatti Sport Institute started to function. Since then Vuokatti has become a favorite place for different sport teams of national and international level to camp and train in the area. The unique facilities, such as the ski tunnel, snowboarding tunnel, ice arena, sport laboratory and other services have since long been recognized as the best place in Finland for the professionals. Therefore Vuokatti Sport has the status to be an official Olympic Training Center for the Nordic Skiing disciplines. 

Another special group which Vuokatti suits ideally for is youth camp schools. The large scale of activities and accommodation facilities in the area are undoubtedly a big plus when schools are choosing the place for a study tour. Vuokatti offers interesting programs with emphasis to active nature experience, winter or summer sport or Finnish lifestyle.

Local culture

The unique geographical position of the province of Kainuu at the cross road of Lapland and Lakeland reflects not only to the shape of the nature but also to the culture of this province. The proximity of the Russian boarder and Karelian culture gives to this combination an extra flavor and offers to the visitor a possibility to feel the Finnish lifestyle as its best.

Culinary experiences & shopping

The great history of tar production is reflected also to the local culinary. In Kajaani the famous bakery of Pekka Heikkinen found in 1913 is baking tar flavored bread (tervaleipä in Finnish). The bread is sold in a few local shops, but a visit to the bakery shop and café of Pekka Heikkinen in Kajaani is a “must” when visiting this area.

In Vuokatti the “Huuskola farm” is manufacturing dairy products such as ice-creams and sorbets, cheeses, yogurts etc . One of the most exotic flavors of their home-made ice-creams is tar. You can buy Huuskola farm products in the local shops or visit their farm house café

Local charter bus companies

Winter activities in Vuokatti

Cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, skating, husky safaris, snowmobile safaris, snowshoeing, gym, tennis, golf, badminton, swimming, ice bathing

Summer activities in Vuokatti

Hiking, cycling, mountain biking, fat biking, fishing, boating, canoeing, gym, tennis, golf, badminton, swimming, , wild life watching.

Facts: Region Vuokatti

  • Number of hotels: 6
  • Number of cottages: 850
  • Capacity: 8.500 beds
  • Skiing tracks: 150 km
  • Alpine slopes: 13
  • Hiking trails: 150 km

Accessibility & Transfers

  • Airport: Kajaani (approx. 40 min.)
  • Airlines: 2 - 4 daily flights from Helsinki to Kajaani operated by the national carrier Finnair. Flight duration: approx. 1h 20 min from Helsinki
  • Transfer from Airport: Airport Shuttle (A. Kyllönen:
  • Train station: Kajaani (approx. 35 min.) 
  • Transfer from train station: Bus connection from the railway station of Kajaani to Vuokatti (travel time approximately 1 h). Seasonal changes in the bus time tables. Timetables available on the national travel planner portal

Contact: Visit Vuokatti

Visit Vuokatti
Kidekuja 2, 88610 Vuokatti
Kaisu Väänänen (Destination Manager)
Tel. +358 44 551 4624

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