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Apr 18, 2019 1:50:53 PM

Visit Lyngenfjord - DMC in Northern Norway

Visit Lyngenfjord is a destination company and incoming agency for the Lyngenfjord region in northern Norway. In 2017, the region was officially recognized as a "Sustainable Travel Region" and we are committed to these values.

Awarded as a sustainable travel destination

In 2017, Visit Lyngenfjord received the award for "Sustainable Destination" from Innovation Norway. The award is based on international standards that ensure interaction between tourism, the community and the community.

Sustainability is extremely important for tourism at Lyngenfjord. Our experiences combine the region's culture, history, resources and heritage. At the same time, we limit the negative impact of tourism on nature and the environment.

By respecting nature and the environment, we secure the future for ourselves and our children. It is our aim that our guests can experience the Lyngenfjord with a clear conscience.

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Tailor-made activities and packages


In the Northern Lights winter, Visit Lyngenfjord provides tour operators with the opportunity to book all winter activities in the region as well as ready-made and tailor-made travel packages. In winter, Visit Lyngenfjord can book mountain guides, accommodation and complete ski tour weeks to suit your clients' needs.

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In summer there are many summer activities as well as hiking and mountain biking programs. 

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Specialized in Northern Lights travel packages

Visit Lyngenfjord is a specialist for Northern Lights travel packages in the region, including a stay in Tromsø. These packages always include transport from Tromsø, as well as various activities and catering in different accommodations, according to the wishes of your guests. 

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Contact: Visit Lyngenfjord

Visit Lyngenfjord AS
Georg Sichelschmidt, CEO
Johan Beck-veien 23, 9143 Skibotn
Mobil +47 45465898
Tel. +47 77210850

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Destination: Lyngenfjord Region

The Lyngenfjord region is located in the north of Norway and lies quite exactly between the towns of Tromsø in the southwest, Alta in the north and Finland in the east.

The area consists of the islands around Skjervøy, the majestic Lyngen Alps, the large valleys and wide rivers in the east as well as the Reisa National Park and the Finnmarksvidda towards Finland. The region is quite unknown and offers many spectacular nature experiences and impressive cultural offerings that are hardly known and little visited.

The culture of the region is characterized by the "meeting of the three tribes". Kven, Sami and Norwegians have lived and worked side by side around the Lyngenfjord for generations. This has influenced the language, traditions and cultural heritage of the region.


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