Udda Äventyr

Jul 12, 2019 3:44:16 PM

Udda Äventyr in Swedish Lapland

Udda Äventyr has since 1989 been seeking the adventure. We are convinced that all people have a need to stretch themselves — extend slightly outside the daily grind and see what’s there. We are a group of people who love nature and challenge ourselves to constantly discover new things, in tune with life in the natural environment that is close to us, but which are not part of everyone’s daily life.

Connected to nature

We do it by horseback riding, hunting, and heli-skiing. We show you the nature around Älvsbyn, with its varied forests, swamps, lakes and ponds. We will tell you about the fauna and flora typical of the area.

Contact: Udda Äventyr

Udda Äventyr 
Rikard Öhman  
Tel. +46 70-585 11 71 

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Destination: Älvsbyn

Just a short drive from the southernmost coastal region of Norrbotten is a culturally highly interesting area with great nature. Älvsbyn is also known as "Norbotten's Pearl", as the northern landscape here has formed a cut and gem-set jewel. When you come here, you will experience a variety of landscapes and the great hospitality of the people who live here. The area has several attractions and many treasures to discover, whether you're looking for the silence of nature or action-packed adventures.

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