Magic of Lapland

May 15, 2019 12:45:39 PM

Magic of Lapland in the region of Gällivare

Located just outside the town of Gällivare, Magic of Lapland is a family-run company that provides experiences out of the ordinary.

Various activities all around the "horse"

Centered around horses, we’ve built up our range of experiences and activities with care and devotion. We offer an authentic, relaxing combination of past and present spiced up with a dash of magic.

Family-run company with many years of experience

Our family have a long history of running a farm with both cows and horses. These days, only the horses remain, and they are used both for tourist trips and forestry. We have two carriages which can both accommodate up to 10 people. We provide warm clothing, refreshments and transfer to the sleigh ride departure point when needed. Contact us to book or discuss ideas based on your individual needs.

Contact: Magic of Lapland

Magic of Lapland
Olav Köhler
Nattavaaravägen 528, 982 39 Gällivare
Tel. +46 (0)70-210 19 56

Logo-Magic of Lapland

Destination: Gällivare

The natural paradise of Gällivare lies 100 km north of the Arctic Circle and can be reached from Stockholm in 2.5 hours. Gällivare is home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site Laponia and the country's largest national parks, ecoparks and nature reserves. 
The centre of the Gällivare region is just 10 minutes from Lapland Airport Gällivare and the nearest ski resort is just a few minutes away. In just over an hour you can reach the famous and scenic world heritage site of Laponia.

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