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May 15, 2019 1:15:57 PM

Gällivare - Europe's last wilderness

Gällivare is located 100 km north of the Arctic Circle in Swedish Lapland. In Gällivare are the UNESCO World Heritage Site Laponia and the largest national parks, ecoparks & nature reserves of the country.

The central of Gällivare is only 10 minutes from the airport and from here you have only 10 minutes to the ski resort and a little more than one hour to the mountains and the world heritage “Laponia Area”.

The world heritage-”Laponia Area”

The tracks are few and the silence is powerful. The magnificent surroundings in Laponia can offer everything from deep coniferous forests to breathtaking mountains and a rich wildlife. Laponia consists of over 9400 square meters wilderness-like and a rich cultural landscape. Even though it’s a world heritage area, you have hotel facilities that are easily accessible and with full service.

High-tech mines in Gällivare

Two of the world's most modern high-tech mines are located here, LKAB and AITIK. From high-tech companies to deafening silence in just 20 minutes - that is the contrast you will find in Gällivare.

Strengths of the destination Gällivare

UNESCO World Heritage Laponia, perfect conditions for cross-country skiing, northern lights, winter wildlife tours, ice fishing, snowmobile tours and outdoor activities for all ages, families and adventure tourists, known for mining: copper mine AITIK and iron mine LKAB, nature reserve Dundret (824 m), hiking / trekking opportunities in surrounding national parks, midnight sun, stop of the famous Inlandsbanan in Gällivare, fishing in over 8.000 km of flowing waters and 3,649 lakes

Summer activities in Gällivare

Hiking, midnight sun tours, fishing, visit LKAB-iron mine, underground world 1250m, visit AITIK - copper mine, Sami experiences, sightseeing in Gällivare by horse wagon, horseback riding, taste experience, home visit, picking berries and mushrooms, biking, visit world heritage “Laponia”, helicopter tours, visit Gällivare museum/mosquito museum, mining museum, golf, trip by Inlandsbanan

Winter activities in Gällivare

Cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, Sami, northern lights, visit to the LKAB and AITIK mines, horse and dog sleigh rides, ski tours, snowshoeing, ice fishing, alpine skiing, visit to Santa Claus

Facts: Gällivare

  • Number of hotels: 10
  • Number of cottages: 57
  • Capacity: 1.100 Betten
  • Slopes: Dundret - 11
  • Trails: 60 km
  • Hiking trails: in Stora Sjöfallet, the largest national park, numerous ecoparks, Dundret, Muddus National Park, hiking trails Padjelantatalen (140 km), Kungsleden, Nordkalotten


  • Airport: Lapland Airport Gällivare, Kiruna, Luleå
  • Distance to the airport: Gällivare -8 km (10 min), Kiruna -120 km (1.5 hrs), Luleå -250 km (3 hrs)
  • Transfer options: Taxi: www.flygtaxi.se

Contact: Gällivare Turistcenter

Gällivare Turistcenter 
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Tel. +46 970 102 20 


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