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Wild Taiga


Wild Taiga - Finland

You really feel alive in the heart of the eastern Kainuu nature. Wild Taiga’s untouched land, clear lakes and rapids will tempt you to treks with authentic experiences. We offer a rare opportunity to hike in magnificent, unspoiled nature, watch and photograph wildlife, and enjoy cultural activities. Our wide range of activities will take you to the best hiking locations in the wild to see animals in their natural environment. You will see bears, moose, birds of prey and wolves, and the nature offers an ever-changing background for your photos. Wild Taiga is full of life every day of the year.

Wild Taiga is a DMO, travel trade association with 55 privately owned companies (hotels, safari companies, festivals, country side accommodations) located in the northeastern part of Kainuu, Arctic Lakeland. Companies offer ground services for a wealth of outdoor activities supported by an insight into local traditions. Beginners and families enjoy shorter less testing programmes whilst the more experienced may enjoy week-long programs all year round. Packages are made for for FIT and small groups, tailor made holidays and guaranteed departures.

Wild Taiga Canoeing

Book an appointment online

If you are interested in eastern Kainuu in the area of Suomussalmi and Kuhmo,
then select suitable dates with the companies from our online calendars. 
There are three different groups of suppliers on three different days. 
You can decide for yourself how many of the online meetings you want to attend.
Booking an online meeting is free of charge for tour operators from DACH and Benelux market.

We will then send you a link to participate in the meetings in advance by e-mail.
You do not need to install any software.
However, we would be happy to connect you with sound and camera picture,
so that a personal conversation is possible.

Meeting and date 1: Monday, 17.5.2021

Please choose a time on Monday 17.5. from our online calendar. This time slot is then reserved exclusively for you.


  1. Sabrina Logeais, Taiga Spirit
  2. Riina Nilsson-Määttä, Martinselkonen Wilds Centre & Boreal Wildlife Centre
  3. Sanna Kyllönen, Lentiira Holiday Village
  4. Assi Heikkinen, Wild Taiga


Meeting and date 2: Tuesday, 18.5.2021

Please choose a time on Tuesday 18.5. from our online calendar. This time slot is then reserved exclusively for you.


  1. Timo Niskanen, Arctica Estates 
  2. Tarleena Ylönen, Hotel Kalevala
  3. Sari Rusanen, Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival
  4. Assi Heikkinen, Wild Taiga

Meeting and date 3: Wednesday, 19.5.2021

Please choose a time on Wednesday 19.5. from our online calendar. This time slot is then reserved exclusively for you.


  1. Ritva Huttunen, The Silent People Cáfe/Kuutamo B&B
  2. Janne Autere, Hikes’n Trails
  3. Ari Sääski, Bear Centre
  4. Assi Heikkinen, Wild Taiga




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