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Visit Arctic Europe II (VAE II) is the cross-border cooperation project between Finnish and Swedish Lapland and Northern Norway. The main purpose of VAE II is developing our arctic region as an all year round sustainable and high-quality destination. 

We would like to invite you to Visit Arctic Europe II Digital Fam trips 2021 to explore the Arctic. The purpose of our fam trips is to show possibilities for cross-border combinations between Northern Norway, Finnish and Swedish Lapland.

What the destinations of Visit Arctic Europe have to offer? 

This is the area with lots of space, nature, outdoor experiences, and warm hospitality. It’s a scarcely populated area, where keeping the social distance is not a problem. We have safe and small accommodations, clean air and water and hygiene and other safety measures are non-negotiable.

What is a digital FAM trip: 

The aim of the digital fam trip is to get to know destinations, products and services. Providers in the region present their products virtually. In addition to the presentation of the region, there is also the opportunity to exchange ideas with the providers on site. As a tour operator, you can directly ask questions you have for the providers. These are connected via video and are available to answer.

How to participate:

Participation is free of charge. You can register one person / company / per trip. Afterwards we will send you a recording for internal use with your colleagues. Registration is possible until August 11.

In order to be able to participate in the digital fam trip, no software needs to be downloaded. A good Internet connection is required, as well as the ability to play sound. We recommend using Google Chrome to participate in the digital fam trip.

Summer 1:
Hammerfest - North Cape - Kirkenes - Nuorgam - Utsjoki - Inari - Saariselkä - Pyhä-Luosto - Salla - Posio

25-26 August 2021:
August 25:
9.00 - 11.00 h (CET), 1 break of 15 minutes
August 26: 9.00 - 11.00 h (CET), 1 break of 15 minutes

This trip is a great opportunity to make a digital journey along the eastern part of Arctic Europe from Hammerfest and North Cape in the north to Posio in the south. The trip starts from Hammerfest and North Cape in the most northern parts of Northern Norway especially famous for the midnight sun. Next up is Kirkenes that is in the most eastern corner of Norway on the border to Russia. In the most northern parts of Finland you will experience Nuorgam and Utsjoki by the river Teno that is the border river between Norway and Finland. Next up is the village Inari, that is the heart of the Sámi culture in Finland. Travelling south the next destinations are Saariselkä and Pyhä-Luosto. The next leg of the journey takes you to the middle of nowhere – Salla. The final destination of this trip is Posio in the southern parts of Finnish Lapland.


© Bjarne Riesto / /

VAE Nordkapp Summer © Bjarne Riesto

Summer 2:
Ylläs - Muonio - Lyngen - Tromsø - Svalbard

September 2: 9.00 - 12.00 h (CET), 2 breaks of 15 minutes

Take your time to make a digital journey here in Arctic Europe. Let's explore and start the summer inspiration in Finnish Lapland with a first stop in Ylläs, famous for skiing during the winter season, but how about biking in the summer?
Next stop on the Finnish side will be Muonio and a visit to the Pallas-Yllästunturi national park where the cleanest air in Europe has been measured. Right after that we will head over the border to Northern Norway to visit Lyngen, the island Tromsö and as our last stop before we end todays tour, we will visit Svalbard, well known for its spectacular nature and polarbears.


© Visit Lyngenfjord AS

VAE Lyngen Drohnenbild © Visit Lyngenfjord AS

Summer 3:
Levi - Kiruna - Abisko - Narvik

September 8: 9.00 - 12.00 h (CET), 2 breaks of 15 minutes

Join us on this digital Fam in Arctic Europe that will take you through all three countries. The trip goes through all the different natures we find in Arctic Europe, forests, mountains and the coast. We start in Levi, the all-year round- destination in Finnish Lapland and get an insight of the numerous possibilities in the area. Then we cross our first border and get more nature experience. We continue to Abisko, the starting point of King's trail, in Swedish Lapland before we cross the border down to Narvik.


© Visit Levi

VAE Levi summer © Visit Levi

Summer 4:
Rovaniemi - Kemi - Haparanda - Luleå

6 or 7 October 2021 - preliminary program:
October 6 or 7: 9.00 - 12.00 h (CET), 2 breaks of 15 minutes
The final program will be published closer to the event.

We start this trip in Finnish Lapland, in the hometown of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi. Then we continue our journey by the Bothnian Bay, to Kemi before we head over the border to Swedish Lapland and Haparanda. Here we will visit Kukkolaforsen, located just next to Råne River floating just between Finland and Sweden. Kukkolaforsen is one of a few places in the world where you are allowed to fish whitefish with a bag net like this. Then we learn more about Heart of Lapland and Kalix, before we travel further down the coast in Swedish Lapland, to Luleå. The largest city in Swedish Lapland, that offers a lot of awarded chefs and restaurants together with great activities and accommodation.


© Graeme Richardson

Luleå-Archipel-copyright Graeme Richardson

Summer 5:
Skellefteå - Boden/Harads - Arjeplog - Harstad - Senja - Vesterålen

20 or 21 October 2021 - preliminary program:
October 20 or 21: 9.00 - 13.00 h (CET), 3 breaks of 15 minutes
The final program will be published closer to the event

Join us in Arctic Europe for a digital trip in northern Sweden and the coast of northern Norway. Here you will get an inside into the nature and the culture of this Arctic region and get to explore the original Tree Hotel in Boden, Harads. The Arctic luxury of staying in your own cabin in the nature gives your clients a taste of silence with just the sound of nature. The trip continues to Norway and first stop is Senja, the second largest island. We get to go to Harstad and the trip ends in Vesterålen where you can see whales all year.


© Stefan Barth

VAE Summer 5 Visit Senja Region ©Stefan Barth